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 FA 2013 or 2012 for exm in 2013  

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Would like to get your input re to be or not to be getting 2013 FA hard copy out in Jan 2013 or just stay w/ 2012 FA .

Thnx for any opinion .


i also want to know..

On Dec 12, 2012 - 2:32 PM, shwe responded:
Lets keep an eyes re 2013, will let you know if I can see at book store or from friend , do same will you... thnx smiling face


it is always just few extra pages,,,,they release new edition every year,, how much new info you expect to find there?

On Dec 12, 2012 - 2:31 PM, shwe responded:
That's what I'll like to know, may be instead of pre-order just save 5 bucks so will wait till see it on book store .
Since ppl said Qs format shifting newer style in 2012, so lets see 2013 will have dramatic changes from 2012 or not.
Cause I had been changing steps from st 1 then st 2 then st 1 then to CS , now st 1 so , I did have seen/read several yrs FA that changes to better & more complete HY points few yrs same then ... after few yrs in newer FA being change to reflect the current exm trends like 2012 is so far best though loves my 1st FA 2008 w/ full of notes that no need much to add notes ... if like 2012 FA .


shwe, this is scary!!!,, may I ask why you are stuck in step 1 that long?.. I feel it is the hardest of all, specially for old graduates the basic info is so diffrent than what I studied in school,,,,, did you pass your other steps?

On Dec 12, 2012 - 4:29 PM, shwe responded:
Hi, though not recent grad, basic never problem for me & am able to understand Kap Ln since had attend their courses .

Well I was thinking like u ... 1 yr most too if not working crazy or no work at all ... but u never know what ur life turn & what unexpected hit u
[ especially fm , financially hiccup u will have ... till u r in it ... after studying v well all while even in 12hr FT crazy working shift physically & mentally then to kap to study all ... so then u cut down work ... well ...u study v well with friends ... then u & them had unexpected in life ... so ... starting slow down ... so ... bottom line is u need money u work crazy but u pay ur energy, time for delay study exm ... then u cut work... u study... u pay worrisome for financial so cycle goes on but ... if u do not loose ur study , sight ... u will get it though slower than u hope ....]
& not every one has same faith , luck though even I do not 100% believe in luck b4 sticking out tongue.

Well nothing to be scary just have to take , face life bravely & keep on focusing ur path , aim .nod


but i was thinking one year should be the Max for step 1 studying if you have full hands with work or kids,,

On Dec 12, 2012 - 4:37 PM, shwe responded:
Nope , if kids, even just fm, works .. more than 1 y, ie own fm , no relatives, extended fm or close by neighbors for support at least for pick up send children to schools, evening , morning, wk end programs sticking out tongue .
If full hands then could b even longer than more than 1 yr ... & baby child .. u can study better than child older ... hard lesson I got , taking break for child to be older grin

Oh st 1 keep delay cause 1st plan / thinking/reading/ attending st 1 then ... thinking/reading /attending taking CS , then st 2, then st 2 , .. finally done CS [ check my Cs journal, exm experi cool ] .. then thinking/reading taking st 2 ... but now for sure st 1 1st then st 2 after .

1st at all all steps over lap so was able to do all step reading/ attending then was switch to 1 then to CS then 1 then CS again which I did well then 2 then now final decision... st 1 ... for sure then st 2 so am done ... can move on to st 3 hope all in next yrwink


good luck shwe.. but if you really want to end this u have to focus on one step at a time,, and get over with,, we are not getting any younger and it is harder every year for older IMG .


smiling faceThnx, am focusing 1 only for a while ... when ready for last run ... but switch to CS is just to beat the odd & I did well. So I'm back to my last run .

Easy or not ... depends on whole package & ur will, personality ... though fresh grad, no visa may help... but still I believe the whole packagegrin just my 2 cents

After learned all long ago , also focus 1 but like I said ... life has so many surprise beyond ur control comes one after another , you never know ... but be strong ... that keep me still back to track winknod

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