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What does atrial natruietic factor do to the afferent and efferent arteriole?


Predominantly constricts the efferent arteriole.




Yeah, this is interesting because ANF antagonizes the renin axis in all other aspects, but this one. My take is, AII constricts efferent because it is trying to maintain urine flow in low renal flow states, while ANF constricts it because it is saying "we're overloaded! let's get some fluid out of here by increasing GFR!"



After looking it up it dilates the afferent arteriole, could of sworn it was the other way around. Anyway thanks for the reminder


No, Ahab think you were right. I understand it dilates afferent and constricts efferent, increasing GFR on both counts.


Hey guys,
ANF constricts efferent and dilates afferent - increasing GFR and filtration fraction. One often asked question related to ANF ....what is the second messenger for this hormome - it is cGMP and not cAMP.


Those who said relax the afferent and constrict the efferent are correct

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