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 My steps to step 2 CK,result: 244  

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Hi all
This is my new journal. I try to update this everyday. After one month on-off studying, from today I will study hard.
Now: 6:30 am
Books: Kaplan LN+MTB+FA
Q bank:uw
Plan: first read Kaplan quickly then focus on MTB+FA(tables+diagrams)+UW
Exam period: dec-jan-feb
Today: cardiology Kaplan, 30p/day
Good luck everyone smiling face


Yesterday I could read only 15p sad... I have to compensate today yaaaa!


Hey I too started seriously after 1 month on and off
Starting with cardio .....will update u
All the best

On Oct 23, 2012 - 8:46 AM, Match2014 responded:
Good luck smiling face


Hi all
Yesterday again I couldn't read more than 20p. As I know myself who couldn't realize what is important, and memorize everything in the first I changed my mind and decided to just read MTB for the first read and do Q. If I couldn't get good score then I will read Kaplans smiling face
Any suggestion?! Advice?!


It all depends on ur knowledge and when u did step1 .if u gave recently then u can go to MTb directly otherwise do kaplan

On Oct 24, 2012 - 6:40 PM, Match2014 responded:
I passed step 1 recently but I feel that MTB is not enough for me smiling face


Hi all
yesterday and today I read Only MTB....and I realized that MTB says nothing about the disease and quickly jumps to management and treatment. It's sooooo condense.
I decided to read Kaplan first or read disease criteria and definition from FA and read treatment from MTB.
Tommorow I will do this: MTB for treatment and management+FA for others.
Will tell u my experience smiling face
Until then..


Hi all
The last day that i could study was the day before Sandy...after that for 2days we didn't have electricity. And after that I've got a very bad cold+2 huge cold sore+ herpetic gingivostomatitis... U couldnt imagine how It was awful...
Today is the first day that I don't have fever and pain. But still couldn't eat hard things as bread sad.. Just could drink cold liquid and semiliquid food sad
Hope everything's goes well for all of u. For whom living in NYC: keep warm, eat and drink safe...
This afternoon I will try to at least start my study again and hope finish Nephro smiling face


Finally I finished Nephro yesterday...
Today pulmonary from Kaplan IM...will update tonight smiling face


Have you set a date for the exam?

On Nov 06, 2012 - 11:35 AM, Match2014 responded:
I've chosen dec-jan-feb as eligibility period but not set a specific date yet...


Finished half of pulmonary..bad progress, all the day watching election result...
Thanks Ohio..Thanks Florida ...yess Obama again smiling facesmiling facesmiling face
Tommorow: try to compensate inshallah..really step 2Ck is like a piece of cake smiling face smiling face


Thank you. You have always been kind and supportive. Not exactly my goal but close enough. Hopefully we will both fare better in CK.


You are welcome, I didn't do anything for you .it's the result of your hard work. 1-2 point isnt important at all..we have to study hard for CK. if u want we can motivate each other and help for getting a better high score +250 smiling face
What's ur opinion? What's ur plan? Share ur plan with me ... smiling face


High all
Finished pulmonary, will start hematology tonight. Did 15 q of offline UW, GI, only 1 wrong...why?!!
Is online new UW easy too?
Tomorrow: will finish hematology+ do 1block of offline UW of GI+Endo+Respiratory+Rheumato+Renal+ hemato, just doing q and read educational point not all answers...
Will uptade tomorrow night smiling face


Give me a few more days and ill join you. Promise.

On Nov 09, 2012 - 12:50 PM, Match2014 responded:
Do u have hospital rotation now? Dont worry... U could read faster than me nod


Do you have an idea what the current average score for American test takers is?

On Nov 11, 2012 - 12:23 PM, Match2014 responded:
U mean for step2?


No, I have graduated recently, so no rotations for me!


Yes, what is the average for Step2. I know that for Step1 its 224.

On Nov 11, 2012 - 7:37 PM, Match2014 responded:
It's 2011 data, 2012 charting out is not availible yet. In page 10 u can see mean step2 score for diff speciality.

Overall, U.S. senior applicants had mean USMLE step 2 scores of 234.3 (s.d. = 20.4) and independent applicants had mean scores of 215.9 (s.d. = 20.7), both well above the minimum passing score of 182.


Hi all
Finally I set an appointment for my exam: 1th Feb....Inshallah I will do it nod


Thank you smiling face


How is it going?

On Nov 13, 2012 - 11:25 AM, Match2014 responded:
Not bad, as I understand we already know the mainstay of CK. the only thing we have to do is to collect the first test, the most accurate test, the best treatment, and know some exceptions about diseases... And you were right, it is better to do as much as q u can... How about ur preparation?

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