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 Cardiovascular,Resp.,Renal, GI, Endo??  

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For "EACH" above Physio topic which book do you prefer BRS or Kapan??
{This question is more for Veterans of this or any medical/Physiology forum}


hey, i took the exam...but still waiting for, here's my 2 cents....
for cardio- kaplan
for respiratory- kaplan
for renal- kaplan & brs
for gi - kaplan
for endo- kaplan

doing kaplan questions in the chapter and in qbook is very helpful to nail the concepts down cold.



oh one more thing,
for gi and cardio i also used step-up in the last few get a broad system based overview (plus, i was also bored of reading the same book/material). smiling face



Binnie-I definitely agree with Kaplan for Cardio[I thought Robert Dunn did a great job] he'd often say "the bottom line point is" Im still trying to decide on the other topics. People often say stick to one book for each subject/ I dont know if that holds in Physio. Thx grin


Kaplan. it better to know one book than do not not know any of them sad


Anymore opinions on this??


cvs, endo,general,renal--kaplan
respi, neuro,git--brs

i think kalpan goes into too much basic details in respi.
fr cvs and endo, kaplan is definitely the best.


hello mjl1717
frankly my memories of step 1 have gone quite hazy since it has been few months when i took it.

In my opinion, if u have enough time its better to read both.
BRS gives u much more total info than what kaplan does and u definately need that in exam.

But on the other hand Kaplan book is very very good in establishing ur concepts.

People who are currently preparing for step 1 should be aware of the fact that most tested subject is the patho-physio and there's no short-cut for it. U need to have firm grip on concepts and that too without missing the details.

I f u have already read BRS than Kaplan physio book wont take much of ur time.
So even if u have to read few boring topics again, dont worry consider it a sort of revision and i bet its going to help you.

I dont know if u agree with me but this is what i did and i think it helped me a lot in the exam.


Thx buddy.
Yeah,I agree its crazy detail in Kaplan respiratory for step1.
[probably good if you want pulmonary] :idea:


hi i always like sticking to one book for each subject. but for physio, i was adviced my by sister to do cvs and endo from kaplan (also listen to kaplan web prep for these two subjects). For rest read brs making your own notes so its more condensed and dont forget to basically know all the formulas, equations and tables from brs.
so i read brs way earlier once and have some scattered notes from it but i have been reviewing the forumlas, equations and tables at least once a week from there. and listened to cvs and endo web prep.
again this is just my opinon, i think everyone should do what they feel more comfortable with.


hi... I have read a lot of those posts telling about their exam experiences, the scores they got and the materials they used for study. I noticed that they put there Kaplan notes, First Aid, then BRS Patho, Physio, Lippincott Pharma and Biochem. Try checking out those posts in exam experiences and correlate their score with the review material that they used. They also give information on how long they studied. :_online_: Good luck:-)

I think I will try to know one book by heart and the other just read it in passing. It will not be confusing if you have a good grasp of the concepts. That only means you understand them very well. I don't think it's a waste of time. Just like what Goljan said in his lectures, "THE MORE YOU READ, THE HIGHER YOUR GRADE."


Personally, I have never read BRS books, so for each topic I vote Kaplan, but only because you are comparing the two and also the fact that Kaplan has a little more basic science. Otherwise, I studied Ganong and lecture notes and a couple more text books.
Hope this helps.


After reading this post and looking at both books--My assesment would be that Kaplan is head and shoulders above BRS as
stated above only in CV, endocrine, and renal.
BRS is concise with general, neuro, GI, and resp.
But thats only my opinion! :idea:


You remember the volcabulary books we use to do in junior high?? They were more like workbooks than "textbooks"... and that's what the Kaplan physio book is. They take a line out of brs and make it ten pages (i'm oversimplifying it).. so that it really nails the concept down. I have read both books once... and although brs is easier.. the questions are not good (I was getting all of them right but when i did kaplan question i was hitting high forties). The content is good(brs), but you have to read every line like it's the bible. Anyways... I am taking a kaplan live-review course and physio is going to start tommorrow, so I'll have more insight then... one thing they taught us on our first day here at Kaplan.. "PHYSIO is the MOST important subject... NOT whatever book you choose... study it often and study it most.


Yes I agreee adeelmd, the qs in BRS physio seem too easy/ but if you read each sentence like its the bible you can get a Hi Yield from it! Id also appreciate your advice once you complete Physio. Thx!


Kaplan is the way to go for everything. Stick to one book, and try to learn it inside and out. You will get a better score than trying to read from several sources (unless you used them in school). Kaplan physio did annoy me because it is way too basic. They spend so much time explaining the most basic facts. But BRS is hard to get through. Every line is important. Whatever book you read, read it well, and multiple times.

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