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Aug 25 12:36noon decided to start s3 study, aim to give my best shot at prep

plan: aug 25- aug 31 finish uw mcqs
make 1 line notes from uw, add on's to my knowledge base
study in libr 9am-8pm. 15mcqs/ hr break time- 3 hrs 12-1 & 8-10, room to catch up other areas of life
Update every fruitful hour.

"It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and to embrace the new. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power"

aug 25 cardio+respi ( 130 mcqs)
26 Derm+ endo ( 140 mcqs)
27 Genitouri + Gi + hepat ( 120)
28 Peds+ ENT ( 170)
29 ID + Hem Onc ( 160)
30 Obgy+ prev (150)
31 Rheum + Neuro (150)
1 Surg + misc (160)
2 electro+ poison +Ophthal+ psych



i'm having a really hard time studying today, as libr is closed and there are distractions at home.
just finished 14 uw mcqs


finished another 15 q's


finished respi, studying on saturday was hard.

Edited by drcolors on Aug 25, 2012 - 9:27 PM


I am back smiling face

Plan to review Nephrology
begining a q block.


finished uw mcqs of Cardio, Endo, ID, Nephro.
next will take up Surg.


I started my day with working out at gym, then coffee at Starbucks, now feeling so energized.
as per my plan yesterday i did finish surg from mtb3, today got to finish q's and CCS.


finished 3 ccs cases of surg
had a short break
get back to study

is anyone studying for s3 in this forum?


completed peds from MTB3,
then went to shop at DSW, i had received a giftcard,
just got back, studying mtb3 surg.


Hey der... Good luck wid step 3 smiling face Its like a painful tooth extraction... Get it out asap... Its doable wink


S3 didn't get it done. I am planing to take it soon.
I am listening to archer ccs workshop. anyone who is doing the same, message me, we can motivate each other


I will start my S3 prep from monday, I am still not sure about what material to use


I am also starting in few days


Hey Grazie ,me too starting step 3 in 3 days....we all are together in this battle again. Good luck to you ,drcolors,lastcrusade and me as wellnod


Hey How are you guys. hows the study going?

I am listening archer ccs


hi drcolors and grazie
nice too c familiar names here again for step 3
i am studying for step 3too
when r u giving the exam?
i am doing ccs archer now.


familar names indeed, goodluck guys...i am doing my prep as well....


if you need a sp skype me: aminamookshah


Hey Everyone, nice to see you all. Thanks so much hothellgirl.
Today I did

UW mcqs: Biostats
MTB Obs,Biostats, Gi
studied: 6:20-8am
9:30-10 2hr
12am-3.30 3
4.30-6.30 2


Hi Amina( Hothellgirl), i added you on skype

UW mcqs biostats
MTB3 Gi, Obs
CCS Practise 1-13, 52
Readout 40-38

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