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 Missed Heart & Lung Auscultation  

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I took the exam last week and didn't find it too bad, other than time constraints . Only thing that I regret not having done is heart and lung auscultation for 3-4 cases that had unrelated problems to chest, or abdomen... and since I didn't do those, didn't write about them in physical finding either. It is automatic fail if you missed heart and lungs in such cases? Thanks in advance

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No , u r doing it right.
Exm is designed to be doing focus, related PE , hx so u r safe .

I am good at skip PE even hx if not related so can focus detail response to others & my PN, porf get high in result .

GL nod


Relieved! This new system where you have to explain your diagnosis by mentioning about physical and history pertinents is not easy, you need to think and write down what your top 3 are, and that's time consuming! Tried to shave a minute or two off from patient interaction to finish the report on time. And sometimes it didn't happen because the case was complicated or your the physical took longer than usual. Guess have to wait until October and see!


As far as u covered every area but not detail or too deep but did necessary focus hx, ,PE re ur 3 DDx, also do good empathy, counseling, challenging Q answering ... be a prof, smile unless not appropriate .. finish all on time ... u pass my friend.

Agree new one is tougher & agree even old time u still have to b sure do all focus hx, PE re DDx , on top of that is complicated of them .
So... relax, just wait for good news ... now only thing u have to do is pray wink for good passnod

GL nod


you will be ok

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