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 How I did for CS 1st pass !  

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Finally April CS result got in to day morning ... Glad to share that I PASS & so far my SPs, friends pass too .
Hope other friends will get good pass result soon too .

In my CS journal ,
u will find more detail, reality , change of thought, prep, course as per from start to end of my CS prep . Anyway ...

How should I start... ok....... start from application for CS take ages to get approve , need 2 major step ... let say ur school side is done .... u still need to apply CS on line then send form from Notary or the school after for wks & wks u will get approved , say get the schedule permit. As soon as permit u got go grasp the day,date , time at ur favorite Center .
Bottom line all ok, some prefer LA , some Atlanta as IMG best shot including the Houston . But Chicago, PA .. friends , IMG pass there too.

Now the courses ... if not confident or not knowing system, trend here ....... ur best shot & economic is our own forum member, u can find her step 1 & CS well post here too . Will link those later .
Her course with her American English & American Experiences, plus her passion & well organized teaching [ her notes, teaching are most organized among all others I had attended & use them all too but her is like high yield, high light, summarized for ur all time & last minute from Hx .. Qs , PE to PN & challenging ].
Thnx Target for teh great teaching & great notes.

Lets focus on CS now... yes... when study CS , forget about all other including ur other step prep.
CS is like a NB baby ... need attention, understanding, nourishing, evolving self, tolerating [ when friends , SPs criticize u is the best SP so u can correct self to better Dr for CS ].

Never too early to prep & collect all notes, resources & enroll in courses like target usmle +/- Kap 5 days but u can also just use targetusmle alone or targetusmle with kap 1 day Mock [ target might have mock in USA , write to her re ].

What I did ... kap live took in 2007 live 3 days . You can check my course experiences & do & don't for CS as per my course. By time without any FA or UW done well, just read early pages of FA & UW not the cases or mini at all.. I know I should not go for Cs so , am glad I did not. Then had so many happening in life, family so ... thank God at least am able to finish it now.

K let me post more next, got to eat lunch after spreading good news to friends on line .

Key to pass... use right resources , study hard, practice well , believe in self, have full confidence as Dr [ I had prof manner as highest performances among other high like PN, Info sharing, English etc ] .

GL to others still waiting for the CS results wink



On Jun 20, 2012 - 10:56 AM, shwe responded:
Thnx, Congratulation to you too smiling face

  #3 my CS journal .

Practice ....
daily with SP , skype or live doesn't matter
but PE live on Fm member adult at least several time when near exm let say 2 or 3 wk or 1 wk b4.


Material, resources I use ...

On top of targetusmle [ this is the base one u should know at least to pass comfortable with ease of study time since she had all organized from start to the ends for every systems, thnx target ] ...

I did add lots in my study ... just me ... want to know , study all well for one time 1st & last so I studied following too in FT study from morning wake up to late night .

Several times with SPs , by myself [ less time ] too in the followings...

1. UW all cases but focus more on extra not in FA , video
2. FA whole book
3. Kap 35 cases almost all plus all cases with focus on extra cases out of FA

4. at 2007 CS 3 Day live & notes kaplan after read FA, UW early basic info, pt encounters without any mini or long cases.
I do review those when prep this time cause had mock cases [complete] by time & I took good notes from the start to the ends[ encounter, Hx , PE to PN & closing , counseling ].

5. Lots of mnemonics online , friends, I created, but focus on Kap mnemonics I got on 3 day live & FA & kap 35 cases book .
At the end ... common basic mnemonics stick to head & some key mnemonics also u got it by heart already .
But did not use all early so did not remember .. so... did not use what ever mnemonic not in my head ie for each DDx or s/s mnemonics . So if u like to use them collect, create early then use all time at the start to end while doing cases.
Am not mnemonic fan so, just create own mostly & took kap 3 day, 35 cases & FA one & some common presentations' mnemonics .

6. PE wise ... base on UW , plus kap my 3 days live, 35 kap cases book, google if in doubt, ask friends SPs, we helps each other re PE to be clear & right ... thnx a lot all friends , SPs re .

7. Lots of good SPs friends on skype, we helps, timed, point out our mistakes to each other from way of tone, speed of talk ... clear or not, fast or slow, what's teh best way sentences smooth comfortable on ur tongue etc
Oh lots of arguing too re which one to choose ... speech, manner, PN , counseling sentences.
But at the ends these are just for practice so u get confidence, knwo how to react, handle the real SP on the daysticking out tongue

8. kap 1 day mock 1 mo b4 real day, glad I did that so I feel the anxiety, what area I should pay attention , to make it right, correct my self , focus on my weak [ I did too much so get my weakest in highest on my report & lowest in report on my highest kap day.. am expected it cause, I compromise the strong area with weak area so all will be balance & it does ].

Ok , later .


9. Neeraj Cs notes 27 pages also we use several time

  #6 one of the mnemonic that is helpful .


With her permission, am glad to share the targetusmle for CS ...

skype ID... mjjune1 and e mail ... [email protected] ... contact if interested nod

Am not advertizing, don't get me wrong, not every one can effort to go for big 5 day kap live , not even me now a day after all money spend on CS fees & expenses for air fare, hotel, food, best shoes , dress, hair cut be beautiful, professional & comfortable & still look young & smart, accountable look of today's USA MDwink

but even u will go for kap 5 days since is 15% off this month, u'll still need to know all ahead b4 kap started ... need to done FA, UW , kap 35 cases well ahead to be able to get the best from kap 5 day ... but with her... targetusmle ... by time we started ...
I did not done all resources , u can say I jump onto her Cs skype as know not much except very basic of some intro ... but you'll find v good notes,well organized notes & teaching that makes u feel like u had read prep well all, now u r focusing on key Hx, PE etc in each systems & some specific cases with specific format of ur intro to the end .

So her is for every one even after 5 day kap to grasp the CS things to pass since she organized, summarized, teach well with great notes ... especially for someone want to do CS faster in shorter period.

Anyhow ... we all know we ourself have to do for it , study well, so with good guidance, notes ... we all know too it will help us speedy studying & well & ready to GO for exm sooner than doing FA etc by self or with friends.

GL GL GL happy success study to me, us, all nodcoolnod


So her is for every one even after 5 day kap to grasp the CS things to pass since she organized, summarized, teach well with great notes ... especially for someone want to do CS faster in shorter period.

Anyhow ... we all know we ourself have to do for it , study well, so with good guidance, notes ... we all know too it will help us speedy studying & well & ready to GO for exm sooner than doing FA etc by self or with friends.

I meant GO for exm sooner with adding targetusmle CS help that will let u pass than only doing FA etc by self or with friends ... if no guidance like with target's CS even worse if no good SP or friend & guidance ... u may flunk ... just want to share... have everyone done Cs only once ... since this exm is expensive, brain eating, physical & emotional exhaustion .
Let me see can make her e mail high light ...smiling face
[email protected]


Lets see how I started the CS prep ... will skip application ,long process but with studying, prep wise ...

If plan to take courses ...
online or live,with mock [ especially ] better enroll ahead to be sure same like hard to get CS day spot , it's v hard to get prefer course date, center.

Better also wisely ... check the discount, research which course, courses u'll like to get in with well plan financial, leave if FT work, etc .

Then start early in collecting, buying ...
.....latest resources if using key CS books like FA, kap 35 cases, UW online .
.....some good old free online CS sites [ mainly guide info, mnemonics may be, some are cases ] ... google will lead u to there nod

Will try to add more , & most possible in step by step re the prep do then don't nod


If will use mnemonics better use it at the start nod

Practice full cases ... few daily at the start , later more cases .

Can also practice cases as portion by portion eg opening / intro , closing , typing even portion of typing smiling face


Funny, I was seriously with confidence ... extensively advising my dear frd sis Saima without done my CS grin but I was preparing, study FT intensely so then go for mock, then real one so by that time ... my 2 cents are more in detail so to link here for future exm preppersgrin

Recently also post some advice at planters site ie mostly post result post so , more summarize, concise u can say that ... & some opinion, advice may shifted since the way I see CS prep after getting result or during prep especially towards the end , closer to exm changing in some grin
see post 491# , 501,524, 539 , 540 , 545, 548 etc of my posts re CS in planters' st 1 journal .....

May all find peace in mind when come to CS prep .. that needs cool inside out ...
...b4 [ non stop FT long hr prep needed with lots of SPs on all cases ],
...during [ really need to stay cool but active to be able to go through the day],
...after [ ppl said worst ... well for me is like no emotion, I just forget automatically, not even think or remember when result will be out ... too cool that did not study st 1 asap after CS exm day so .. good is no anxiety , worry about the CS result, bad is should have study st 1 asap instead of chilling out till result of CS is out .. am losing those 2 mo for st 1 study ] exm day of CS nod

Only when frd said it's the day , check ur mail in the morning which I thought not till 12 noon the mail will b in... then I starting getting a bit palpitation ... while sign in my mail, then ... saw the e mail re my exm report ... so a bit calm... keep sign in to ecfmg then ... slow snail pace to get in from one link after another then another ... that builds up my anxiety & HR grin ... ie the most & last torturing part , tease by CS from ecfmg grin ... after knowing good result with good performances ... amazingly the anxiety all gone ... am back to v cool mode again ... so cool that ... to boost , start my st 1 read again ... have to find sp for st 1 to restart FT read since ... so get used to FT from opening my eyes till sleeping late with lots of good frds, SPs while preparing CSsticking out tongue ...


My CS is b4 new system but generally same though new one need to ask , focus on 3 DDX with specific PN typing why it's Dx in Hx & PE so narrow down DDX to 3 instead of 5 at least, focus on it instead of my old time ask 5 DDx at least though still focus most possible Dx on top .

Hope by bumping it up some 'll get benefits especially resources & courses & how to prep plus how important ... SPs are & u have to be cool, same time active, focus , FT long hr study & practice to be in syn on exm day nod

Heard fail CS in new system than older one so ... after all looking back , my self afraid to do new style but ... now am thinking new one actually give u better chance cause u need to focus 3 DDx , hx & PE 2 each around for each DDX & then go for work up/ tests 5 at least I think in new one ... but old one u have 5 DDx at least & Hx & PE do most DDx ie 5 of them ... w/ focus top Dx , & work up tests do type initial then a must for Dx to rule in or out for all DDx ... so ... after all... silly me thinking old style less typing ... new more is wrong & the other way around ... anyhow ... new style format just out after my test day fix or after test more confirm format so ... it must meant to be done pass CS by old style since Hx, PE, lab tests etc ... am used to do the old style way as seeing big picture , asking , looking all instead of just focus 1, 2, or 3 DDx only ... so no regret ... also my timing is right since all good frds & new frds SPs now good frds ... all are very good to each others like fm so ... CS takers ... keep practicing, believe in self for looking for great SPs cause I also had no SP in middle cause 1st frds SPs done & next great group new SPs , frds not come up yet ... that's the most scary , frustrated time during CS prep even more than mock day & real dancing day... it's like a happy good clinic day for me w/ off course inside u do have some tiny anxiety that u can take it like ... ur challenging clinic or hospital days.grin

Hope...bumping , posting here again will help someone looking for how to do CS & get some useful links for CS too.

Go CS takers go , be ur self & be a humble good DR like u r in ur clinic or hospital days nod

Key, practice well w/ SPs & PN all in timed w/ right resources & intro, counsel, closing w/ asking any Q ...then Good bye w/ charge to PN typing & summit asap w/o waiting time up ... same as in room... come out asap if u had done all in pt's room so get extra typing minute & time to breath after PN summit asap.

GL everyone nodcoolnod do not forget to smile & give empathy as necessarynod


Last yr was plan to link ... target's CS thread in this forum ... so let me do it for future CS takers
her exm experince in CS ...

The following is her thread ie after passing her CS

cannot find CS journal during her prep may be the 1st link is the one she posted for CS after passing CS wink

In case like to check her web here it is ...

GL to all CS takers , believe in your self , be a nice Dr but confident nod


I forgot I post long , detail re CS 2012 mid, then 2013 continue.

Wish all CS takers get good sp , right study resources, courses & get 1st pass nod

Life is fast , focus study especially if CS & go for it when u prep well with confidence, big smile as needed & as humble nice Dr with well dress professionallynod

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