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 Step by Step....done with Step 2.  

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Doing hematology today!


me too 

Good luck in your journey !

On Apr 20, 2012 - 4:04 PM, Assumption responded:
Thank you, Grazie! Wish you all the best too!


Change in plans:
Decided to do Emergency Medicine instead of hematology.
Toxicology...lots of memorization required. : ) Time to crank up the ol' Hippocampus!


Finished reading Emergency Medicine.
Right now will do some questions to consolidate.


Done with some questions. Beginning Coagulopathy after a little break.


Hi Assumption smiling face

I am falling behind sched, but the relocation have hit me so bad but I decided to really stick to my schedule for the next weeks. I see you are studying very good. Keep up the good work wink


so far so good..keep working i like that you consolidate topics with questions exactly the kind of intial approach i am doing...with my first read...

On Apr 29, 2012 - 10:24 AM, Assumption responded:
Hi hothell girl

Thanks for the encouragement.
Had some family stuff that was going on and I could not escape it. How are you doing with your prep?


What's up Assumption?

Just checking you to see how is your prep going? hang in there buddy 

On Apr 29, 2012 - 10:17 AM, Assumption responded:
Hi Grazie

Two days of family and social obligations, could not do anything.
Beginning again today. Its challenging to take a day off, let alone two and try to get into the flow of reading again.
It's like doing cruise control on the highway and then getting off and trying to get back onto it. : (
Anyway one has to do what one has to do.

I am going to finish Pulmonology today.


I am back after a little more than a couple of days break.

Today's goal: Finish Pulmonology. Three topics left.
Lung Cancer
Interstitial lung diseases
Will top that with questions if possible ............the day is nearly over. I ll try my best and to fate leave the rest!


Hi Assumption, how are you doing?

I hope u r sticking to your schedule and rocking your prep 

hang in there 

On May 10, 2012 - 6:35 AM, Assumption responded:
Hi Grazie

Prep has not been good at all.
Felt so undone and stagnant and just could not get myself to read at all.
ahhhhhhh but I need to.


I am back!
Took a sabbatical that lasted more than a weel. I had to, I solved some questions and did so badly and the score knocked the breath and the motivation out of me. : (


Guess i am human. Step 2 prep is beating me up good and solid. Oh Lord.


I am so off track now i have no idea what to do.
I am too afraid to do questions and too demoralised to read. : ( Dont know how to get myself going.
Cannot tell the family........and no one to talk to.
I just want to take the step 2 books and toss them in the garbage .
hmmmmm maybe I should. The idea sounds so appealing.... hahhahaha oh boy!



Don't give up, I have a good friend of mine who knows so much but she is not in shape to do questions, not used to timing and got very low scores on her first timed test, after some weeks practicing she was doing much better. So please don't throw the towel, keep studying, keep doing qs and studying from UW, every explanation, every educ objective is key for the exam. NBMEs are good too. Let's do this together 

On May 23, 2012 - 5:08 PM, Assumption responded:
Thanks so much, Grazie.
It helped to read about your friend. I have stopped solving questions, because it was demoralising.
I will make sure i have the concepts right before solving the qs.
Hope your reading is coming along well.


grazie and assumption
can i also join ?

On May 23, 2012 - 5:05 PM, Assumption responded:
Yes! please join in. We can motivate each other.


i ll be starting with hemat step up to medicine and mtb2!!
hope i can finish it...

On May 23, 2012 - 5:45 PM, Assumption responded:
I hope you achieved your goal for the day! what is next?


In retrospect I feel I made a bad decision to take Step 2 before Step 1. : ( I find myself struggling with basic concepts. This was stressing me out so I have decided to read pathology.
Anyway just finished reading hemat pathology today, yes , I wasted nearly a month doing nothing and have begun again this week.

It feels better though......I probably will take longer to read step 2 material as I refresh my corresponding step 1 material, but it is helping me feel a little more confident, and hopefully my concepts will be more clear.


Began Toxicology in Emergency Medicine , did part of the cardiac resuscitation. Mixing it up, so I do not get confused. Read endocrine physio, finished pancreas.

Today's goal: Finish Emergency Medicine.

Have a doc appt in an hours time. Will do Toxicology till it is time to leave.


Finishing my second reading of Emerg medicine. : ( I was quite unhappy because after the first reading the scores were pathetic. It was discouraging and i could not get myself to read.
Anyway am reading it again to see if that helps. Nearly done. Salicylates and dog, cat and what not bites topics are left!


Completed the last bit of Emergency Medicine.
Read a little of cardiac arrhythmias (physiology ) so I could understand the cardiac resuscitation.
Going to work on Hematology.

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