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 Its done too!!  

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Hey every one,


I just started cs prep too, with ck!!

First I was thinking to give ck exam first, but then after everyone's input and advise of my friends, I am planning for cs first then ck!

I am planning for cs in mid of May, God willing,its 2 months time, I will continue my ck prep along with CS, thinking of doing 2 cases per day, weekend for practicing on hubby and kids, with regular ck prep!!

I know I will be a bit distracted, with two things, but before one month of exam, I will completely focus on CS!

I am wishing to apply this year for 2013 match, I am 10 + old graduate, with no usce, so, it is just my wish to match in 2013, but definitely I will seriously plan for 2014 match, after doing one year of clinical experience...I dont know, its too much on my plate right now!

But my job is to struggle, and fate is in God's hands nod

Need your advise, help guidance and support!




Did first mini case of headache!

watched PE videos of neuro, ent and eye, did little practice on my son...he was like"dont call me Mr.Jones" sticking out tongue he is very very excited, loved the trigeminal test with Q-tip grin Its like a nice break with ck studies...we laughed and giggled and I tickled "Mr.Jones" in the end!

I need to practice pts notes for headache!

There are 9 cases for headache,

Migraine, cluster headache, sinusitis, tension, trigeminal neuralgia, t.artritis,SAH,meningitis, pseudo motor cerebri, labs are little bit different!


How is ur prep coming along? Just dropping by to see hello..grin

On Mar 24, 2012 - 7:38 PM, drsaima responded:

Its walking...its walking grin

Thanks for dropping by!


Hello Drsaima, i'm studyin for CS too, but unfortunatly i didn't get my permit till now (i applied late!) and now i have to take it on July with the new changes, God help me!

I took CK and scored 238 / 83 ( according to the new scale and 99 according to the old scalesticking out tongue) i took 6 months and used Kaplan ( one reading only) + UW (one reading only + 3 time studying my own notes) + 4 times FA..

I started the CS 3 weeks ago, i got the Kaplan complex, and CS and the FA CS, and i finished the UW practice cases + sample cases.

I'm also 10 years graduation, and having 3 kids at home, so you can say i'm wearing your shoes!

I'm trying to get into OS or research, but it's not an easy thing at all! i was planning to do those stuffs till the next year match since i will miss this year because of my CS delay.

If you would like, we can motivate each other to finish it!

GL with your exams, you can do it!

On Mar 24, 2012 - 7:43 PM, drsaima responded:

Hi Dr. Houston,

Your ck prep experience is very inspiring, I have to walk the same path, and being the old graduate and mother of 3...its really cool to know you!!

I am so glad that you came here, and told me about your journey...we definitely should support each other!!

Thank you so much, and I wish you all the best!

Its is tough, but I am really enjoying this taught me alot of things about life nod


Sis , good to see you in action here . CS need non stop studying , keep studying. CK will lead u to DDx, workup & Hx ,but do only few hr CK. CS need FT study plus , FT practice plus FT typing ,last is most challenging .

Need any u know where to find me sticking out tonguenod

c u some time there , keep studying .

Don't forget to know FA all from the start too wink

On Mar 24, 2012 - 7:44 PM, drsaima responded:

Hey shwe,

Thanks sis for all the support! nod



I found a good sp near my suburb, we are planning to practice live...yeah"we do it live" like Bill O'rielly said wink

I dont know about you all, but CS prep is giving me that weird feeling...that feeling that its real, you got to feel like doctor, yeah this is cool and weird! sticking out tongue

Right now, my resources are FA, uw videos, kaplan ln.

So far, we read about history taking and watched some of the physical exam videos!

We practice and discussed mini case about abdominal pain!

My other kids are like "no touchy" raised eyebrow so lets see...they have to surrender sooner or later grin or they'll be grounded, hahaha

Anyways, lets the library encounter with sp turn out!

All the best everyone!


Cool to find a SP! my husband is the victim in my house, and he's feeling noxious with all the Qs and the examinations!

you're right about this exam it gives you tat feeling of being a doctor again after feeling like a junior student with the other 2 examswink

GL to all of us!


On Mar 25, 2012 - 4:08 PM, drsaima responded:

Poor hubbies sticking out tongue



Did dysphagia, nausea and vomiting, and abd pain!





hi are so lucky to find an sp ..i looked for someone in my area ..nobody.shaking i gave up with cs disapproval may be later on maybe????
anyway good luck ..enjoy the pracicenod

On Mar 27, 2012 - 1:51 AM, drsaima responded:

Yes confi, it was from Allah, I just contacted her very first time for cs sp, and she was from the same area grin, it was very nice surprise from Allah swt  nod


Dr.Saima, what's your way of study? do you read the case 1st before the practice or afterward?


On Mar 27, 2012 - 1:49 AM, drsaima responded:



Just finished once all the mini cases and practice cases of FA today!

Exam is next month...applying for mock exam, lets see smiling face



Exam on 16th ...prayers needed...I dont know...I am not tense...I am tense, bec I am not tense raised eyebrow hehehe

Anyways...just once did FA cases, and little bit of Kaplan cases...

now FA in focus again, plus uw plus kln plus prayers!!!


Starting practice,also review like quick read cases with high light facts, hx, PE , PN , closing, challenging, counseling key words & understand why you need to ask, say , do PE ,or counsel .. cause FA, UW, Kap all format , foundation , guide for you with confidence so in real world like exm day all will come back but will not be exact .

Also starting typing few cases a day, don't over do ... will get pain if u do. But look & review at FA cases both long & short cases & encounter hx etc pages chapter, & cases not in FA in UW, Kap in PN & edit on that PN from Hx , PE to DDx & work up so... it will be automatically come out on tip of ur finger on typing day .
Also may b save the typing time , you can also try to type DDx, workup +/- PE & also try to memorized DDx & PE with c/o .

Make sure doing focus[ mean key system plus few qs for few DDx] ...hx, PE, with good counseling, closing, pt dr relationship, empathy, answer challenging Q from ur heart that will let u able to answer , deal with any situation .

Routine format u already .. from doorway to end of PN typing . Make sure you will summit the PN b4 time is up or if you could b4 announcement is up .

Calm down , cheerful, be a Dr are the key with good night sleep, good breakfast are way to success ..... it's just another day of ur routine clinic day , though busy day wink

Oh most important.. start praying for self & sp & staff there have a good day , mood for all of you nod especially don't forget to pray b4 heading to center & starting the encounter nod

Be sure done all with in time frame, do not over shoot wink, if u do focus only .. time will b more than enough .

I will pray for you sis ... be ur self as Dr , speak nice firm sweet voice with ur sweet smile [ as per pt mood ] .

GL nodcoolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

On Apr 30, 2012 - 8:20 PM, drsaima responded:

Thank you dear sis...

I made my hubby sp for the first time..all three of them were females sticking out tonguesticking out tonguesticking out tongue

he was so annoyed  sticking out tongue

well...anyways...I shouldn't enjoy his suffering!!  grin


grin keep practicing , keep talking till last few day wink

GL to me, us nod



Dear DrSaima  and Shwe.. GL in the exam and you'll ace it!

DrSaima thank you for the wonderful website, arrived on time!! i will need it in my CS prep....

On May 10, 2012 - 3:14 PM, drsaima responded:


dr.houston , thnx. u did uw, FA, kap comlex, kap so u r reday . Focus on FA & add extra from rests .


Saim ... Sis... wishing u GL, all the best.

Be cheerful, calm, confident, beautiful, up beat ... sleep well at least night before .

Wear professional , comfortable out fits, shoes .

re review, study ... had post long b4 this post .

Keep practicing with sp few hr & review more hr self or w/ sp as ur style .
Don't forget to have train of thoughts plans for DDx, inv , PE & focus hx as per cc &
pt's demands wink

GL GL GL happy success study to me, us , all nod
coolnodgrinnodwinknodsmiling face

On May 10, 2012 - 3:21 PM, drsaima responded:
shwe, I have a qs...

If you have a pt of chf,how would you examine for cvs and abd.

would you ask the pt to lie down on 45 degree table to check jvd,and do all the cvs ins,palp,auscultate,and then ask the pt to sit up...move aside...fix the table...back to flat,than ask him to lie down for abd exam????

Or would you just skip jvd...and then just do cardio sitting up(off course with lungs)and than ask the pt to lie down to check his abd!!

I know its just a tiny winey confusion...anybody???

thx in advance!




I think i will exam the chest while sitting for CVS from front and the lungs from the back ( if no Resp complaint i will just auscultate, if there is like SOB i will do all the steps from the back) and lie the patient down on 45 check the JVD and complete the CVS exam, then cover the chest, fix the table to be flat, then uncover the Abd and do quick exam...  what do you think?

On May 11, 2012 - 10:25 AM, drsaima responded:
hmmm so will u ask pt to get up, move aside, fix table back to flat, and then ask him to lie down?? ?here comes the time management....

  #20 Sis saw the other post 1st , answer here already .

GL nod

On May 12, 2012 - 4:18 AM, drsaima responded:
So shwe,you would have checked abd on 45 degree.. ?

It sound weird ;P

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