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 rate my chances  

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hi , i am IMG with scores of 85/78 on my parts participated in match last year was not able to get matched had 2 interviews. I have GC now have 2 months of obsevership experience now do you think i have any cahnce to match in IM this year i am applying for FP program too to be on the safer side please tell me what i should do


why didnt you match? number of attempts?year of grad? when you applied did you have your GC on hand? how many programs did you apply? if you answer those q we ll be able to help you


I am 2003 graduate applied last week of october, applied IM mainly had GC on hand while applying please suggest me the places i should apply i calle d and some list please help I am depressed i do not know i have lost all hopes


all first attempt? it is important


Yes it was first attepts


My friend had 77/78 last yr and she matched for IM....I guess just apply to a decent number of places and now you have an observship on your hand, I dont think you will have any problems.



hi thank you for your suggestion can you tell me where she got matched


she matched in Ohio somewhere, i will find out in a day and let u know....I guess we both should apply there smiling face



how many programs did u apply to when u applied last yr for residency? the only other reason that i can think of is that u might have applied a little late. ure scores r more than enough for IM for most places. i guess u didnt apply to enough IMG friendly places.
anyway good luck. i think u have a really good shot at getting it this YR God willingly. u have us expereicne now which will help alot.
anyway good luck to u.

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