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 Exam 3rd wk April, lets go  

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I've watched about 4 csevideos already today, going to go through about 15 today and then go over the minicases again.


Going to do live practice of the following cases back to back, I told my husband 6, then 7, he doesnt know it will really be 8 grin I want to cover all major systems, since the ROS will all be the same.

1) Lower back pain (FA 27)

2) child with fever (FA 7)

3) Woman with pain during sex (FA 26)

4) sore throat (FA 4)

5)  Female with palpitations/man with chest pain (FA 6)

6)  dysphagia

7) man with blood in stool (FA 5)

8) memory loss (FA 12)


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Just did the 1st 2 practice and it was great, made 2nd case a phone case. My history taking skills were perfect, and my husband strongly criticized my PE, and that was good because he was able to do a great, fast back pain exam in 5mins, covering Lungs, heart, ab and back, hip, with CNS. 

We also practiced breaking bad news, and he showed me how to take control of the situation, never to let the patient control the situation, and what to do when the patient goes into denial.

One thing is for sure my husband is not an easy SP, which is great, getting through him means I am ready to go, onto the other 6 cases.

I also did the PNs, 1st one did it in 7.30mins and 2nd one in 8mins


Only was able to do the 3rd case, we'll do 4 more Sunday. Spent a lot of time perfecting the criticized part of my PE.

On a whole, I'm glad I practiced this way with someone more knowledgeable that has taken the exam, switched up my PE, and now I can do a concrete one in under 6 mins.


It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.
i wish you all the best for tomorow ..i know you will break it down deserve a pass with high performance..good luck, good luck ,good luck may allah will be with you


confidence wrote:
It's the constant and determined effort that breaks down all resistance, sweeps away all obstacles.
i wish you all the best for tomorow ..i know you will break it down deserve a pass with high performance..good luck, good luck ,good luck may allah will be with you


Thanks so much, and God bless you too!!

Only practiced 1 more case today live, sore throat. It was enough, my PE is relatively the same. Communication is great, and I think my PE is enough to get by well, since thats weighted less.

Reviewed more pediatric stuff today. Went over mini cases again. Reviewed Neeraj's CS notes, and i should review Irfan mir's own and then I'm done. Going to iron my white coat and clothes, already set them out. I plan on taking an energy drink with me tomorrow.

D-day is here! I'll try and post tomorrow post exam. Think my score will be out sometime, prob by mid July. I'll be back to CK studying by Tue/Wed, need to crush it. Havent looked at my running UW subscription in 10 days!


DONE!!!!! nod Thank God!

It went pretty great!! I closed all encounters except 1st one, I said I had an emergency page, had to leave as soon as I finished PE.

I did a great job with my History, and the PE sequence my husband had me formulate HELPED!! Practicing too, as well as going over First Aid once did too, as I felt comfortable with the cases. If I had walked in there cold, I would have failed, due to being nervous and anxious as to what to expect.

I didnt have any crazy cases, nothing that had me stumped.

I forgot to include all the stuff I checked for in my PNs occasionally, but I had enough else there, that it didnt matter. I examined PMIs in men, but forgot to put them on my PNs. 

I did a general exam (covered CNs, DTRs, Motor, and extremities, eye, mouth) as well as a Chest and Heart on ALL,plus the focused system PE. I asked detailed history, and took good notes, used SIQORAAA (From kaplan, what i was used to, not the First Aid one) and PAMHUGSFOSS. That helped me stay organized, and know what to ask.

For cases 2-12, I finished on time, and finished PE on time. In the Peds case, I finished in 8:30mins, wasnt really anything else to ask. 


If English is your 1st language

1) First Aid, look at regular cases, common every day stuff

2) Practice, not just family, please get someone who has taken the exam before, or spend time in clinic. I was very comfortable, didnt feel nervous in any way, and the cases seemed so real, that for a while, I really thought I was the doctor and they really were the patients!grin They did such a great job acting, I had no one be rude, or mean, or make me explain "why I kept them waiting". 

I smiled, and felt like my normal self. I did make the mistake once and call a SP by another name, and he corrected me, and I proceeded to make sure I said his name, many times later.

I'd say names, if they sounded a bit difficult, or different, I'd ask them if I was saying it right. I overdid the whole empathy thing, said sorry, asked if they needed water, tissue, helped them up and down, helped them lie down. I asked to untie gowns, and lift drapes. No one asked me questions I felt were that challenging. First Aid prepares you for the challenging questions.

My PN was fine, DDs were so so, but I did great on the rest of it, that I KNOW I did fine. 

CSE videos helped me, cause I like visual, but if one has enough live practice, then you probably dont need it. All my cases were from First Aid and CSE videos though, and I picked up some tips from the latter.


1st 5 cases then LUNCH 30mins, nice sandwiches and drinks (no need to bring your own, I didnt), then cases 6-9 then 15mins break, then 10-12. I felt a bit off during the break, and had a headache at the end, thats just me, it wasnt hard, just long, and I was excited to be done, and popped some Tylenol, that i so happen to bring in my bag. Some guy brought his with him, and I'd encourage folks to do that, in case a headache develops. The rooms got warm after a while, and can be uncomfortable.

If you arent a fast typer, practice typing, I am, and even I needed most of the time, most times to finish within the last min. I would go over and cross check, to make sure I was fine. Do start with DD and Workups first, and then PE and then History, that method really worked for me, and made sure I covered all on time.


If English isnt your 1st language, or you cant go a whole day strictly in English, please please please PRACTICE SPEAKING!!! My experience would have been completely different if this were the case for me, because it made it easier to ask questions, and all. 


Hoping for scores in 2+ months. Best wishes to all!


congratulations on being done ...whish you a good result..sincerly confidence


GL in ur result in 2 month.

Can't agree more re speaking ...the exm test u how long can u speak, kidding .
Also Tylenol , better be with you on your assigned desk with your favorite juice, drink, mouth refresher .

Well preparation will pay off , time is very limited so as far as we done all cases with good counseling , closing , answer challenging , am very optimistic that we will pass with good grade / performances in this exm .

GL to me, us , all nodcoolnod


shwe are you done????anyway good luck and best wish

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