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 CS in Atlanta, Feb 8th  

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Gave CS in Atlanta center on feb 8th, n made a few mistakes, here r dey

-didnt ask 1 patient to raise her left breast fr auscultation, cz she didnt lower her gown i skipped it..

-missed da best 1st diagnosis in 2 cases, but wrote da 5 D/Ds in both, dat fit

-asked a guy wid fatigue if he ever felt "his energy was low" (while applying the SIGECAPS depression mnemonic)..n his answer was "yeah, dats y m here" (wid dat mocking luk on his face)

-asked a guy if he had "rigors" or chills, n he didnt no wat rigors meant :-/ so i appologized n told him dat i shudnt have used dis term as it was a medical term

so guyz, how serious r dese mistakes? for sum1 who has given CS for da 1st time, its nothing short of nightmares every single night :-/ other den dese, i did everything, cant think of any other mistake like handwashing n lack of empathy etc...did em all...
result on april 25th smiling face




I think u should just relax, pray hard [ kidding ] ... you seems done everything , so just wait for result . We are not supposed to be perfect but comprehensive & efficient [ quote from kap or FA .. not remember grin .. now just all cases in my head nod]

Why result takes that long , isn't 6 wk only to wait only?

GL to me , us, all nod

On Feb 22, 2012 - 7:26 AM, shahzaib123456 responded:
thanx shwe smiling face


got my result, passed wid high performance in all 3 components...(mentioning it just 2 give u guys n idea abt da mistakes dat i made, i guess dey were all minor) smiling face
gL guyz.


give us more about your experience and challenges of the exam

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