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Hi to you all
ok ,done with step1 wanna start this journal to keep me motivated for this step2 ck and hopefully i'll end up with a high score (not less than 250).
so far i'm done with gyneco kaplan dvds
tomorrow will start obstetric kaplan dvds along with kln gyneco and qs
good luck to everyone


good morning
i plan to do 3 days for obst today the first dvd is already running..let see what i'll do
i expect to do also kln gyneco and some qs
will report in this evening..good luck to all of you


woohooo...look who is here...I am so happy to see you was step 1?

I am really happy to see you here, now this boring place will have some fun!

All the very best buddy!

On Feb 13, 2012 - 10:57 AM, confidence responded:
thank you so much ..yes finally i'm here .and i hope we will clear it as soon as possible ..right sister??
how about you are you enjoying step2?? how thing are moving
wish all the best nod


hey welcome to step2 journal confidence...

not less than 250nod....very nice!!!well said!!!keep posting and updating ur progress...lets encourage each other and keep movingg...


On Feb 14, 2012 - 8:23 AM, confidence responded:
thank you atherosclerosis
yes after i gave step1 i realised that everyone can reach 250 all what we need is motivation and persistance i'm not seeing it easy but let do it
good luck to you too nodnod


ok let's update
yesterday i listenened to obs kaplan dvd 1h36mn (less smooth than gyneco) i took some notes and i had to pause sometimes so 1h36mn became more than 2h but it was helpfull
then i read again gyneco from kaplan LN and did some qs from kaplan q book
for today done with the second tape of obst 1h 37mn( same senario)grin
will take a break and then gyneco qs for this afternoon
good luck


hi dear journal
yesterday finished about 25q gyneco from kaplan
2tapes of obs took me more than 4 houres
and practiced with my daughter the introduction of pain case in cs
for today will continue with qs along kln ,and then dvd kaplan obs
see you latersmiling face


good morning
yesterday ...did another tape kaplan dvd obst +kln
did some qs
a case of abd pain
for today..will continue with obs
and qs gyn/obs
see you


Hey Confidence smiling face Good job with ObGyn. keep working hard amiga!

On Mar 04, 2012 - 11:08 AM, confidence responded:
thanks GRAZIE..i'm done with gyneco IM almost done ..
take care


uw questions..
done so far with 3 blocks cardio in2daysraised eyebrow ..too slow as usual but i have to master all subjects this time all are important to get a high score so.. dnt panic.. be happy confi and work hard
will continue cardio today ..then resp for tomororw..good luck


oooooooooooooff..done with the fourth one ..i thought that physiopat is done with step1 but i was wrongshaking head it will follow us till the..rolling eyes????//


today i expect to do resp qs and review some cardio points from mtb3....i'm waiting for mtb2 that i bought this week didnt receive it let's start


Doing really good confi!

Lets keep the spirit up!


On Mar 07, 2012 - 8:51 PM, confidence responded:
thanks my friend ...lil bit slow at the begining but will speed next month after the first round..good luck to yousmiling face


hey confi why don't you share some good points you gather, that will be very inspiring.

On Mar 07, 2012 - 8:55 PM, confidence responded:
hi docpriority
yes i will.. after finishing the first reading
good luck to younod


Hey Confi!

you are working really hard, keep it up amiga


hi i'm back nodnodnod
i need some motivation to push myself to the up of this hill grin
ok i dont know really how readings i finished till now ..i see ppl talking about the first ,second ,third reading..but me i dont know may be this is due to lack of organisation
anyway..i'll post my daily progress here and update frequently to give myself a big push ..i hopesmiling facesmiling facesmiling face
actually i'm doing kln mixed timed mode ,mtb2 neurology
happy day


first block 68%mixed timedgrin
second block 50%disapprovaldisapprovaldisapprovaldisapproval
now time to read explanaions
then...neuro mtb2


good morning
plan for today:
2 blocks kaplan qs
neuro mtb2


done with neuro from mtb2 so far


done with 18qs neuro uw
1 block kaplan....cannot say my score coolmadcoolmadcoolmad


hi Confidence

Thanks for posting in my journal. After browsing through your journal I now know you are traveling on the same road. The step 2.
Good luck to all of us .

On Jul 04, 2012 - 12:13 PM, confidence responded:
hi my dear how are you... nice to see you here in my journal
yes indeed we bought same tickets to same destination ..
good luck to us to arrive with great score nodnodnodnod

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