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 Very Old IMG's  

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Congrate planters... i'm so happy too!!

Thank you Shilu.. wish you the best

and wish you all the best in the exams


Dear Dr. Houston,
Congratulation. I sincerely admire your hard work. wonderful job
Big hug smiling face


thank you bayad.. wish you all the best!



big fat congratulation to you,i told you that u were going to ace it,way to go!!!


planters-big fat congratulation to you too!!!


now if you two will be so kind to share your experiences with us ,it would be so much appreciated,like what kind of cases 

did you encounter and what to do and not to do during the prep and the test day?thank you and am so proud of you two!!! 


ok one more Q?how long did it take for the result to come out?thanks


Hello to all the wise doctors here

its so quiet here,i guess everybody is busy studying hard

well just drop by to say hi and to keep brining this thread forward

i am currently watching kaplan videos  usmle step 3 and doing uworld

hoping that i will be able to give this step 2ck in december but if not latest by feburary

ok,happy studying everyone and lets keep checking back here once in while ,

may God bless us all and strengthen us in this battle

Goodluck to all,cheers!!!!


Hello guys, i just saw this forum today and can't tell you how releived i felt. i am actually oldest IMG here.YOG 2000. I am studying for one and a haif year with lots of break. All of you are much younger than me but your stories inspired me.Ifeel very depressed and only one thing come to my mind that i have i done these years. My husbend is also trying .He did his MPH and working in psych hospital. i took care of my son and family.but he cudn't make after these years only failure is surrounding me. I know i don't have any chance either but still reading.


welcome mah786

thats the purpose of this thread so that we can gather here and encourage ,help,support each other for we are all in the same boat and we all know how it feels like to be in our situation,struggling here in this country from the start again after we had done it before and tasted the glory of being doctors,its hard ,very hard for us especially but its not impossible!!!lets keep going .

am still studying for my step 2 ck,going soo slow ,i guess part was my score 209 on step 1,not very encouraging but will still keep going

cheers everybody


Thanks a lot for dr2pou77. It meant a lot to me.May all of us have the strength to pass this phase of life happily.


hello to all the wise doctors here


its quiet here ,so that means everybody is busy studying


must read guys,there is a post that i just read by ramonf yog 1993,average scores and attempts ,applied to 170 programmes and


3 iv and matched into a great program,uni affiliated and now practising as a pediatrician,very inspiring and more hope for all of us


here,lets go get it !!!!! May god bless us all and give us strength


Dear dr2pou77, you are great.... thank you. That story is really encouraging. thank you for sharing with us.
Dear Mah786, no way ... I'm the oldest. Welcome
Good luck every body.


hi guys,

Every Old IMG goes through this uncertainty of what his future holds with respect to USMLE steps and finally getting accepted into a residency position. The overwhelming applications from recent graduates with very good scores have made this task even more difficult for Old IMGs. 

My friend an old IMG who has a step 1 score of 83 step 2 score of 92 still hasn't got a single interview for the last 2 years. So wonder if the residency programs give the Old Imgs a fair chance? can any of the old IMgs please write there experience so it can motivate or at least give us a sense of the real situation at present.

furthur info

his year of gradutaion 2003, has a B1 visa, giving step 3 at the moment, dont know about the number of programs he has applied but it was certainly more than 100.

the point is lots of programs have a criteria for selection so older the year of graduation the slimmer the chances.

On Oct 29, 2012 - 11:10 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
well ,well,well here we are trying to give hope to each other and then bang comes crashing down on us.

ok ,why don't u give us some more info to ease this bomb u dropped on us!

like Year of graduation,USCE,visa status,what and how many programs she/he applied to for the last 2 years then we can get a better idea of whats happening.


thank u in advance,and wishing your friend the best

Edited by drkarthikm on Oct 29, 2012 - 9:17 PM


bayad-thank u and u are welcome GL to you





here is a plead to all those of yoou out there that have made it ,and you were and old grads like us please,please help us here by sharing


some of the stuff you had to do or go through to secure a residency,you of all people knows how we feel right now ,and I am


humbly asking for a minute or 2 of your time to help someone that is going through what you went through and succeeded,may god bless your soul if you do share with us here.


thank you


ok,we still await help from old grads!


happy studying everyone


please dont loose hope. i have not yet persue a residency ,but i know there are people here in forum who got.
last year my friend got residency -green card , ok scores ,usce-6 mths.very strong LOR.
i want u to focus on exam and then think abt residency.
and when i will get a residencynodnodnod may be next year,i will let u know



thank you,am still studying hopefully will be able to apply next year with you,all the best to you too

happy studying everyone


!hello !hello !

where is everybody?well i guess busy studying!

Dr.Tico- so have u got ur score yet for ck ?and please share ur ck experience with us here ,will greatly appreciate it.


Dr.houston- how is the matching process going,hope you are getting some good news.


ok,happy studying everyone


Hi guys.. sorry for being away.. i'm just way too much depressed to post... i didn't get even a single IV till now and i''m starting to lose hope... i'm sorry for sounding very down, but i can't help it! after all the hard study and the money i spent and here i'm counting rejections only.

anyway, wish you all a better luck!


Dr. Houston
sorry to hear that. But the interview season is not yet over. So there is still hope.Last year my friend got IV at dec end scheduled on jan28. Amd she matched there.
can you tell us ur scores and Usce and yog.

Best luck

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