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thanks dr.houston , for ur encouragement
i am proud and speechless for what u r doing with all the difficulties ur having.
i am waiting too for the results . havent applied to match yet
once the results r out will apply .
do u think its ok to apply with just cs and ck result?


Thank you EEG... I'm so happy with the angel that i have in my house, she's like a piece of heaven on earth.

I"m praying for all of us, who struggled and keep struggling just to start a decent career and give a better life to their loved ones.



thank you planter, and my advice to you.. don't apply without step 1, and if you don't have USCE try to get start one AS LONG AS YOU CAN.

are you waiting for the CS results too? when did you take the exam? mine was on July 24th and I'm very nervous about the results and how they gona grad the new style.. keep fingers crossed!

Best of luck to you dear!


thanks for ur advice,dr.houston
i am doing usce ,will have 2 us LORS and 1 indian by mid of this month
my cs was on 25th aug.
me too crossing my finger , very much scared about the new grading.
lets hope for the best
best luck to both of us.
think u might get the result on 1st wednesday .
keep in touch..

On Sep 27, 2012 - 10:04 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi planters

all the best to your cs results,i know you'll do great!

have u done your step 1 yet?

GL and lets keep gooing!!!!



Dear Dr. Houston,
I'm speechless.....
Pat your back and be proud of yourself. your post make me to not have any excuse for keep studying.


Hello Dr.Houston,your post is very inspirational,especially to all moms, may God bless you with good result in cs


Thanks guys! wish you all the best



amazing story!you really deserve to match this year and i hope God will smile on you and give you what you deserve.I have been admiring your achievements but now am more impressed ,knowing the whole story.You are an inspiration to all of us mothers,old grads and everyone in here .Thank you for sharing it all with us and i hope you'll get your cs result soon so that you can relax,which i know you aced too!

all the best to you and this match,and from the bottom of my heart i pray you'll match,cos if not then i would be so discouraged about my situation.GL to you.and please don't forget us here when u get up there.



thank you dr2pou... i'm really speechless with all those nice words!

i got i rejection already form 70 programs that i applied for, still have some hope that i passed the CS and someone will have mercy in his or her heart and give an IV!

I will let you know guys my results as soon as i get them... PLZZZZZ  PRAY FOR ME!

On Sep 28, 2012 - 1:21 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
you can bet on it,we are like family in this forum,and to all those that will not give us a chance of in IV its their loss! for i know we are better doctors than a lot of them out there.


May God bless us all!



so what were the specialty you applied to and what is your preferred choice of specialty?


good morning to all


happy studying!


good morning to all the wise docs here

hope everyone is still studying hard as we start  with the month of October,my favorite month .

and lets keep striving for that dream of ours.

happy studying to everyone!!!


Hi, Collegues, I took my step 2 Ck a few days ago. And my step 2 cs is schedule for jan 23.

Are you planning to apply for this year's match?

On Oct 04, 2012 - 9:51 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
hello Dr.Tico

good to hear from you and congratz on finishing ck ,all the best with your score.

how was it ?if you don't mind sharing your experience.

dr.houston is applying this match and we are all routing for her,

am planning to do my ck in dec2012 and then ck early next year also hoping to do step 3

before applying next year in the match for 2014.

Goodluck to you and keep posting on what happening.


Way to go Dr.tico!!! lets keep moving forward


Dr.houston,how is it going with the application,don't be discouraged with the rejections thats how it normally is,a lot of rejections then come the IV's,am still praying for you,goodluck and may god keep blessing us with his good grace.



from the bottom of my heart..i wish you a sucess in cs first ..and to be in the program of your choice in residency...


guys.. you're the best! thank you very much for the encouraging words and the prayers.. may God accept them all

still nothing on my application.. total of 3 rejections.. which is not too bad i guess! and the Cs results had been delayed AGAIN till Oct, 10th.. i'm very anxious about it..

anyway... Dr.Tico congrat on your achievement... I wish you he best with your CK score

and i'm ashamed to say that i didn't touch the step 3 books at all.. it has been a while since i studied, but i can't help it.. i need a strong motivation to start and i think this motivation is my CS result!

GL dears!


hello dr.houston

2morrow is the big day !a very big goodluck to your cs result tommorrow,all the best and prayers.



Guys.... I PASSED!!! thx God.. with higher performances... OMG I'm thrilled... thank you guys for all the support.. now i can offer you all my help for the CSwink


Congrats dr.houston.


congrats dr. houstan
i passed too.
sooooo happpy

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