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fantastic achievement! looking forward to that feeling myself!
which vids did u watch and which were most represented on your test?

On Jul 25, 2012 - 10:46 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi ,sorry for not responding earlier ,kind of took a break from all these to get my sanity back and get kids sorted out into pre-k etc.etc.etc

well,as i said am an old IMG so basics were buried somewhere and so had to resolve to dr.najeeb's lectures for some really basic stuff ,wjich kind of clarify some concepts for me and made some fun to learn,also i purchased the kaplan High yield $700 something but it also came with the qbank,those were my only videos,wish i had some others

GL and i know you can do it!


thanks, i didn't refresh before i asked that question. looks like u didn't do pathoma


Thnx , seems everyone have own like ... which more subj is asking , hope I will get one I am good at wink

Go for CK & this time do not pay, set the month till u r almost there , GL nod

Thnx for the words it's doable .
Which yr of kap LN & FA u r using ? thnxnod

On Jul 25, 2012 - 10:51 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
thanks,i think 2009 the green cover ones,had to admit i did not manage to go thru all of them ,did all my first read from the older ones 2003 and just kind of jump around with the new set ,would have better my score if i did manage to go through my new set at least once,right.

i think i will go for step 2 ck now,was kind of undecide wherether to do cs 1st or ck

GL to you smiling face


very nice post.


very nice post.


very nice post.


very nice post.


very nice post.


very nice post.


hello again ourworld here!
i took a break and it kind of linger on ,did a few readings here and there but i think its time to get back on the boat and start rowing again.

thanks to all and am waiting for your turns ,i know you guys can do this and better than me ,my studies were not so good but i manage to pass it,

YES! shwe right on ,
the tests are just all different but they have all the same concepts ,and also that part call luck ,that you will get Q? on the stuff you studied well,thats why we force ourselves to learn as much stuff as we can cos we just don't know what we will get,its a random pull of Q's from a qbank and we make do with what we get.

practise with lots of Q's and just relax and just do what we do best sit a test,we have been through thousands of them and this is just one of them.

GO !old grads,we can do this as well as those new grads.

lets keep moving ,we will eventually get therenodnodnod


dr2pou77 wrote:
well today was my jugdement day ,11 yrs out of med school .
got my result for step 1- 209/79
thank you GOD !!
I know its not much but am ok with it.i know i could have push myself more but with 3 little ones(4,3,1),husband,church,families,a job which i started 3 months before my test was just very shaking headshaking headshaking head

any Q will be happy to answer,meanwhile step 2 here i come!!!aiming 250nodnod

Way to go! That is a great score! I'd invite you for a drink, but I don't drink. CONGRATULATIONS!!! grin

On Jul 28, 2012 - 2:34 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi DrTico-thanks and good to hear from you,how is the prep for step 2 or have u finish already? am starting the prep for step 2 ck now,hope everything is well with you and all the best for whatever you are prepping for right now,am always happy to see your posts,kind of relates to you for we share a common YOGsmiling face


hello to all the wiser grads !
hope everybody is fairing well,just read a post here that gives me hope as a very old img,its an grad of 1993 that was sitting for the usmle 2007 and he came back and posted again 5/11/12,saying after 5 years and now he is an attending,trying to get some more info from him ,waiting for a reponse.

it gave me hopesmiling facesmiling face


oh for those that wants to know more about it ,the thread is an old img's progress


where are you?
anyhow i know your CS is in August,just want to say Goodluck to you,i know you will ace it just like your other 2 tests.
Remember us here when you are done with cs ,pleasesmiling face


well i guess everyone is BUSY studying,happy studying everybody!am going for step 2 ck first




All the best to you!Hero!


hello everybody,just trying to keep this thread alive somehow,even if its just to give us hope.

has been listening to some kaplan videos which was given to me by my friend who is so lucky ,she is already practising as a Peadiatrician,my best friend and colleage but she was lucky she came here and did her exams within 3 yrs out of med school,hoping she can help me somehow with residency.

they are step 3 videos and they are good and am wondering should that be useful with the step 2 ck or should i look for videos specific for step 2ck?
any advise is appreciated.
thankssmiling face


hello to all who visit here
am still preparing for step 2ck but its kind of slow,am aiming for November.

happy studying everybody


Hi there!

thank you dr2pou77 for thinking about me!

i took the CS on July 24.. and i don't know how i performed.. the first 2 cases were not so good!! i got very tiered of thinking over and over again about it.. so i will try to relax and wait until Oct for the result to come out.. meanwhile i'm working on my application, searching all the programs and se the requirements, i don't want to waste money on someone who will never consider me!!

I will try to start my step 3 next week by God will, i know i lost a whole month thinking about the CS, and it's time for step 3 now!

congrat on your step 1 pass! i wish you all the best with step 2 Ck, it's much easier to study for it than step 1 and it won't take more than 6 months to finish it.. GL!

On Aug 22, 2012 - 3:48 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi dr.houston

good to hear from you,and am glad for you being done with cs,am sure you will ace it .take a little break and: relax .....nod

are applying for the match this year?

goodluck with step 3 prep and keep in touch.thanks

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