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hello to all ,hope the world is treating you all fairly,and welcome to all the new people here

well have been away for a while was busy with study and work,and i think work is getting in the way with prep but am doing my best.7 days to go for my big day and am getting really nervous will do one nmbe tommorrow or sat.and then one next week to see where i'm really at unfortunately i will not be able to postpone my dates but will see.

GL to all,will let u know


Good luck in the exam!


hey guys...

just wondering....... is there a point in doing these exams and all only to find you we won't get residency cuz we are old graduates? ...

do any of you know any old graduates who did get residency?

just had a family member ask me whats the point of studying when you graduated in 2005.sad


thought im the only old IMG... i graduated 2004 and now struggling USMLExams... accidentally found this thread, glad i did! feel better now knowing that im not alone.


i am preparing for step 2 cs with an exam schedules aug 7, anyone here doing the same?


womanonamission wrote:
hey guys...

just wondering....... is there a point in doing these exams and all only to find you we won't get residency cuz we are old graduates? ...

do any of you know any old graduates who did get residency?

just had a family member ask me whats the point of studying when you graduated in 2005.sad

what's the point? its the feeling of achieving something in spite the odds that i think will make all these things worthwhile!

i have a classmate who made it last year.

On Jul 12, 2012 - 7:03 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
hello there,thanks for those words and the hope with knowing about your classmate,GL to you


sad sad sad Today is a bad day for me sad sad sad

I can't believe I am a very old graduate (2001) after being a very good Med School student in my native Venezuela.

On Jul 12, 2012 - 7:09 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
hello Dr.Tico,
you and me are in the same boat with the year of grad 2001,cheer up we can still do this am waiting on my result for step 1 ,do u know how long it takes?and starting to prepare for step 2,how is your prep with step 2 and what is your date for it .lets keep in touch for i think we are the oldest grads here,senioritynod
keep going ,all the best


We can make it DrTico


Are you all using just Kaplan materials?

I am using kaplan and Goljan. please email [email protected]


me? kaplan + FA + UW...


forgot to mention I use UW too


I hope you earn 2 cents from here.


"once more into the fray..." 4 kids and several years later! Hats off to yall keepin' your chins up. Starting to prep for step 1 in feb 2013. deep breath. heard a rumor today that step 1 will not be administered for some small period of time at the beginning of '13 (jan or feb or march)???? can't find anthing about it on the web. only some delay in score reporting from may to june. anybody heard anything?


i dont know about that... all i know is the delay of the release of results. I'll be taking step 1 end of sept, if you need a study partner wink


only thing i know about step 1 not being administered is the first 2 weeks of jan.. not sure about all the way till feb


hello all who visits here.
am still anxiously awaiting my step 1 result ,took 2wks ago hope it will come soon so that i can continue my studies for step 2ck.

how is the OS hope its going fine and GL with your cs prep ,your dates is getting near right.

happy studying everybody,keep going we will eventually reach our goalnodnodnodnod


GL in ur result.
Congrat you've done the tough one st 1.


well today was my jugdement day ,11 yrs out of med school .
got my result for step 1- 209/79
thank you GOD !!
I know its not much but am ok with it.i know i could have push myself more but with 3 little ones(4,3,1),husband,church,families,a job which i started 3 months before my test was just very shaking headshaking headshaking head

any Q will be happy to answer,meanwhile step 2 here i come!!!aiming 250nodnod


CONGRATULATION !!!!!!!!!! you did a wonderful job. That is wonderful wink
Now , breath wink


Congrat , agree with bayad .

Pl share ur prep & exm experience after exm really done as ... do, don't, what more or less need to do so etc including mind set & material use , thnxnod


mine had a lot of behavioural science Q ,this section i think really pulled my score down it was the only section that was on the low end(very low)I wish i had review this area more
Kaplan Lecture notes+FA+Uworld ,Q's formats really similar to uworld,
Learn to highligh as u do QBanks and use it during the exam for esp. the long Q's,it got me esp.4-7 blocks as we get mentally exhauted that after reading a whole long Q's i go what have i just read,and it killed my time having to re-read it all over again so if hightlighted before esp. pertinent info you can just scan through and answer,

practise timing yourself and try to improve reading so that you can finish on time,or even better with time to spare to check marked Q,i only had 2-3 min left in the 1st 2 blocks n then the rest i even had to rush the last few Q

Also do a few of the NMBE's early couple of weeks before the test day,not only to assess youself but also to know weak areas to focus study on,wish i had done that.

GOodluck to all ,and GO FOR IT its doable,aim high try beat the mean 224,sad that i didn't but such is life,i kind of got burnt out at the end and slowed down and i had wished for a couple more weeks but my dates were set and i did not want to pay the $780 again,i didn't know about thisplan of studying and assessing before setting the dates

well no use crying over spilled milk ,its the score God gave me and will make do with it,its time to keep moving forward........step 2nodnodnod

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