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about 6 weeks to go before step 1 exam,uwsa 1 (2 weeks ago) 400/193,today did uwsa 2-470/211,am happy with progress,will keep pushing with studies and will do NMBE- 2weeks before test,still doing uworld and FA,goljan.

happy studying everyone,will pray for us all


Anyone from Minneapolis here?

On May 22, 2012 - 5:00 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
am from Phoenix,Arizona


hello everybody,hope studies is moving on well

narty-how are u and whats happening?

dr.houston-i know you must be busy now with OS,kids,study,and everything else
how is the OS-can i ask where are u doing it at ,and what are your hrs and for how long ,also what are you allowed to do ?thanks


hello I read your post and I do not feel alone too
I just will start my journey to step 1 and I am a little scared
Its so weird being a student again
Anyway good luck to everybody
and today is my day


hello marinabonita,
yes it is,and there are alot of us out there in the same boat


I wonder how i don't have any posting here. I am OLD, i mean it!
We are doctor. It's like a precious dimond, we have it but a little dust on it., we can make it shiny again. let's shine again, together.


hi bayad,
you're right,thanks for the encouraging words,have seen your posts in your journal and mom's journal,glad you dropby.GL with your prepsmiling face

well,hello everybody ,5 weeks to my big day and prep is going ok,with uworld,FA and some reading here and there.Aiming to finish uworld asap so that i can redo it again before exam.

hope everybody is moving forward with prep,good luck to you all.


good luck drpou....

On May 28, 2012 - 7:39 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
thank u planters
all the best to your prep toosmiling face


dr.houston just like to tell u what famous Dr. Fischer used to say ... apply even with one especially if good score then make sure u also have CS date book in the yr u summit ur application & done another step in that yr too u will get all result for ur residency that u r applying this yr for next yr spot wink

Hope u will also apply this yr since u already have 2 good score, CS in Aug [ some even do in Nov, Oct ] plus had intense observer ship [ wish I could find one too after my st 1 ] ... so u r good to go for this yr application to get residency in next yr nod
On top of that , u can read a little of ur st 3 after CS so u can do ur st 3 in Jan or Feb so ... all exm done b4 residency start except in service/ residency time exm & board one wink

Just my 2 cents .
By the way I am not freshly grad & a mom but still studying to have my good clinical to be in use to help the health of pt here.


Shwe.. thx for the advice and the encouragement i will apply to this year residency, and if i didn't get any Iv or a residency spot, i will continue doing my OS and i will try harder to get into a research by God will!

GL to you with step 1 .. it's the harder exam asi think.. need a lot of study and all are basicsrolling eyes! GL again!


hello everybody
am pushing on with Uworld/FA ,have to admit am not doing to good with my uworld,its inconsistent,ups and downs,but am not too worried about it ,am using it as a study reinforcement rather than assessments,just want to finish it so that i can run through it againg as well as kaplan Qbank

dr.houston-go for it u have good scores,goodluck with that.

i have a question
do i really need to do cs by december this year if i need to apply for the match next year?or can i do it next year,early .


you need to do the CS this year max to be able to get a decent chance in next year match... GL!

When your exam will be? you can join me with my study for CS!


Hi guys,
is this thread still active? browsing through the posts, i am happy that there are people who have the same concerns I have. I am currently reviewing for Step 1 and I plan to take it December this year. I finished med school 1999, passed Medical exams in 2000, went into residency and passed my diplomate exams in 2006 and have been practicing as a Psychiatry Consultant since then. I just have a few concerns..

1. Should i have my documents verified now even though my target date is still in december?
2. any advice on my chances in getting a residency or practicing in the US?


Hello everyone! I'm having today off from my OS... will try to study a little for my CS!

docdean... welcome here! form my experiance point of view,, you should start you paperwork once you apply for exam date.. so if you're planning fro Dec.. you can apply and get the required froms and complete your paper works.. the speed of the process depending ;largely on your collage performance and cooperation.

You will get chance if you wroked hard... for me, my yog is 2002,, i scored 99 in both step 1 and 2 ck and i'm doing OS since about 2 months and i will continue working here and there till i get a residency chance by God will

I hope this could be of help.. GL!!


i pm u,did u got it?


Hi all,
I m 32 years old and working, want to study for step1 , so I m here with u nice to 2 u


Did you take your test yet? Are you preparing for Step 2?


Dear friends,

I'm an old img graduated in 2001, and a mom to a baby girl.. very demanding and practicing research full time. I'm freaking out but I want to take the usmle. Any advice?


Hi friends,
I am a very old IMG.
I too have a PhD in Biomedical science from New York.
I did my MD from India in 2002.
I have around 8 publications in good journal during my Phd which I had joined in 2005.
Will my PhD also help me in getting into residency program
What should be the ideal score to get into residency.

On Jun 21, 2012 - 3:15 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
definately will help
and about sores,i think from others its 225+ for imgs but am not really sure the higher the better ofcourse


Count me in , i am a 2003 grad, mom to 2 young kids..5 and 9mth old...and studying for step 1...did an observership for a year, now at home full time , studying .Glad to see u all.


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