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hi drpou77

applicant guide wont tell u the observership list for free.  he will ask u to buy the book.

i tried this already .


Hi there, is 34 consider very old?? Then I must have forgot that I'm that old. haha...
I'm studying for step 1. finish kaplan notes and firt aid. try to read for the second time. anybody interest to review together with skype?


hi planters,
hope everything is going on well with your studies.
If thats the case then ,forget it.

all the best to you with your studies


hey did u received my message in ur inbox?


hi momwontgiveup,

sorry my title for this page is misleading ,34 is not old at all ,we are at the begining of life at that,its just that i call this very old IMG is just from year of grad.
mine was 2001 so its more than 10yrs out of med,thats why.
But hey i have read here that there were even people @50yrs of age with 15-17 Yrs from grads still able to make it for residency so we are better off

sure,PM me about the time and how you want to do it
goodluck with your studies


I was not aiming high since I was (and am) very busy with full-time work, kids, wife, etc... I am not a good example of a good student (I used to be when I had nothing else todo but study).

This is what I did:

1. Watched all kaplan videos for Anat and Path ONLY
2. Read Kaplan notes: Anat, Pharm, Biochem, Pathology ONLY
3. Answered a lot of questions in USMLE World, USMLERx (not all of them).
4. Took all NBME self-assessments
5. Prayed a lot
6. Avoided reading from full-time students who got 99 in their tests because they have read the books and watch all the videos 3 times and answered the QBanks twice, etc. which I could not do.

My score was less that average, but it was all I could do, and I am good with that.


hey thanks for replying drTico
i understand you totally,at least you passed it and now you are a step closer to your goal ,I am just aiming high so even if i don't get it i will still pass,right!!!hopefully,

i am planning to try and finish all my reading and everything else before doing uw and NBME assessment,am planning to start work after completing step 1

sorry just one more question,NBME assessment how many were there?

thanks again and goodluck to your studies.


Hey ,
Nice to find that i am not the alone. Have started for step 1.
all the best. we can do it


hi there,shilu and welcome
still continue with my HY kaplan lectures,finish musculoskeletal system,will start endocrine lecture next.

hey shilu,whats your year of grad,if i may ask?

happy studying everyone


YOG 2003. Have done my MS back in my country, was working as consultant in teaching hospital . Now in US preparing for step 1.


Hello everyone,

An An IMG doctor too, my YOG was 2002, i had 7 years experiance back home, my last position was assisstant prof in Clinical Pharmacology.

I took step 1 scores 236 and 2 CK scored 238 and now struggling for CS with no spot available until July, so i thought Ok let's go for clinical experiance, i contacted every program and every hospital and every one in TX, no body answer or accept me!

I'm a mother of 3 kids.

I liked the topic, and decided to join and say thank you for this topic, there are a lot of us here in USA and they're all struggling too, so let us support each other!


hello dr.houston

big congratulation to you for your big achievements,in passing the 2 steps and with great scores!
Yes there are alot of us out there struggling to get back to where we were already back in our home country,and its especially harder now with jobs ,families(especially kids)

i also have 3 little ones,and will be sitting for step 1 in June 29th,then will schedule my step 2 after that and CS,have made up my mind to finish all steps by next year in time to apply next year.

please if you can share your experiences with your prep.,it will help a lot .thank you.

goodluck to you with CS.


i just came across this topic by accident... and totally love itsmiling face

2005 ... and im freakin out... what if i do this and dont get residency... do u guys ever feel like that?


I'm joining the group. 2002 smiling face maybe they should have a special hospital or a bridging program for us


yes,i felt like that a lot of times before,even thought about just forgetting about it all and just try again for just a PA but i spend a lot of time and thought about this carefully,if we don't give it a try we will always live wondering what would have happen if i did give it a try.

You are much better of than most of us with your YOG 2005,we will get residency ,it might be tough for us compared to fresh grads but its doable,we just need to improve our CV's by getting good scores and getting USCE and contacts.

they should cos i know that there are a lot of us out there,which is why i thought
i should start this topic,so that at least we can form a group here that will enable us classified as old IMG's to help each other out,and also hoping that we can draaw out some that are already in residency that had similar path that they went through so that we can all benefit from whatever we can from each others experiences and knowledge about how to get a residency .

happy studying everyone and goodluck.


hmm... ok so i guess its not just me, who felt like that.

I guess one at a time huh? first step 1... nail it and then next step.

I worry about things like, what would i say i was doing all this time? when they ask what took me so long from YOG. ... i guess i'll cross that bridge when i get to it...

dr2pou77... you are right... if I didn't try it... i would always wonder... plus giving up would mean we already failed... and I dont like to leave things i started, unfinishedsmiling face..

so on that note... lets do this!smiling face...


Hello guys,

I would like to thank you so much for this forum, we needed such a support!

I'm feeling very down, i was planning to apply for match 2013, but i didn't know that the permit for CS will take forever! it had been 25 days! my school usually reply On line within a week, so i'm confused! and that made me stop studying for 2 weeks i was progressing very good i already finished the UW cases, and now i'm just checking my Oasis and get madder and madder!

and the struggle to get observership or research, i contacted everybody all around TX, and most of them said we don't offer or we don't have position.

It's very sad! i was an assistant prof in my country for 4 years and now i'm just begging for free job!

Anyway, about my CK i took 6 months because of the kids i can't study like 8 hrs a day! one time Kaplan notes ( i read BP for IM and Gyn, but i realized that they are more difficult than Kaplan) + UW one time with cumulative of 68% and read my notes for 3 times + FA 4 times reading.

If you have any Qs, happy to answer them!

On Apr 04, 2012 - 2:37 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi,just wondering why is your cs scheduling a problem?
hope you will get it fixed soon,cos it seems like you are ready for it already,goodluck.


dr. houston... texas is usually a hard and stricter state... try somewhere in the east coast... ( i assume u are in tx from your ID) but just a suggestion for the observership.


i'm in pa pensylvania...facing the same pb...

On Apr 04, 2012 - 2:34 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
hi there and welcome,
let us help each othere here.


hello everybody,

sorry was away for a while,busy with work/kids/studying

womanonamission,thats the spirit,lets do this.

i know how you feel ,but don't give up
you are almost there and thank you for sharing your prep.history it helps a lot.i am struggling tooto find a job,i did Medical Assisstant but could not find a job during the night,so am just doing caregiving (weekends),was an attending physician in OB/GYN back home and was about to do Masters degree (scholarship) when personal development changed my life and my carrier,so here am I with my MBBS(6 yrs of MD experiences),MA and working as a caregiver.

these struglling and humiliations that we go through ,we should not let it back us down,let it motivate us to try harder for our goals

goodluck eveybody ,lets do this together

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