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any old graduate preparing in Jackson MS


Just to give some hope to old graduates that finally I started my residency in internal medicine (categorical ) from July 2017. I think the factors which contributed to this might be high scores (in low 250s in both steps), long clinical experience back home, good interviews, good luck and may be some observerships I did in US.
Thanks khanguatam and others for words of encouragement when I was feeling totally lost.
keep swimming and good luck to every one.


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Hi, I am in the same boat. Graduated in 2003, got ecfmg certified in 2009. Step 1 :203, step 2 ck 219, step 3:202-all in first attempt. I worked in research for a while. I want to get back to clinical practice badly. Had visa issue before. Now a citizen. Did residency in OBGYN in home country. Applying for this year to FM and surgery preliminary positions. No interview yet. Lets get informed and encourage each other. We should not lose hope. May God help us.


I wouldn't consider myself an old grad; YOG 2012, but my step 1 and 2 are expired now (7 years after passing) so in order to qualify for the match I'd have to retake them both and likely step 3 as well. I'm slowly getting my motivation back to do this while working and family life etc. Keep it up guys! I think its possible!


Hi everybody

I graduated in 2000 and presently working as assistant professor in Gastro in a reputed medical college in india. I have always dreamt of being a doctor in USA but due to personal and financial issues, my dreams never materialized. Recently I took USMLE but got low scores, Step 1 216 and step2 234. Can some one please suggest me if I should pursue my dream or give up and settle for the present job. Thanks in advance.


hey guys

So, let me lay it down here. I am a 2005 graduate and due to personal reasons I had to push off persuing residency till now.

Question is, should I try? I have attempted step 1 twice while in school and didnt do well. After that I have not even attempted it.

I have US clinicals and worked as a nutritionist with WIC in Texas for a while. I am at a crossroads where, I am wondering should I do this or go back to school or start applying for jobs with my current MD degree.

If I do go back to school it would be for MHA? MPH? or what else? I am not sure.

I am going to do the step 1 later in the summer, because I have applied and wana see that through just to say I can do this. Of course the idea of "would I get residency even if I do this" is always in the back of my head.


Hello Dreamchaser,
I think you should try.
Did you take your exam this summer as you originally planned?


I am an old IMG looking for a study partner for Step 1. Live in Northridge California. Starting the first read. If you are interested in coordinating the study effort, email me at [email protected]


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