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Dear All,
Please accept me in this group.
I am an Old IMG, graduated med school 1999 and did MD; graduated in 2002.
Since, then at home and taking care of 2 wonderful kids. They are the only happiness in my life..............

I am scared and confused, please advise.........
Totally dependent on Husband for every thing..........hate it............

Also, If I can do soome work will at home, some one mentioned about Medical typist..........please advise about something I can do for work at home too?????

What material should I buy for step 1?????

Should I attend the Live prep classes by Kaplan or others........
I dont remember anything ; very scared of Bio chem, Anatomy and all...........

Can I talk to some one please......

Thank you


Hello Guys..M new starter for Step1 and m also IMG (2009 passed out).can anyone share full time subjectwise reading time table with me which would be great help.I have started reading from last month but its so confused what to read first and what sequence...please if any one have made for 6-7 month subject wise timetable pls send me here or to my email address.thank you everyone for help and support from this forum and its great feeling to be hear and thanks in advance.
My [email protected]


hi to u shyama ans aryan and welcome,trying to keep this thread alive.u should start reading from the kaplan lecture notes ,is a good start.Also if u forgot all your basics,what i did was bought Dr.Najeeb's lectures i found that very helpfulfor very basic stuff's,check out his free lectures on youtube,and then decide.i did bought the kaplan lectures for almost $800 but they were not actual lectures they were more like some students just reading out from a power point presentation ,so i did find those ok only,i was hoping for some real lecture videos.anyways,lets keep going and hope for the best.


thank you @ dr2pou77.....M reading Kaplan lectures and will try to get Nazib s lectures too but i want an advise from it good to read both kaplan and Nazib lecture ....or i should stick with either Kaplan or only Nazib.coz i havent reached on that level with Kaplan it is possible to get Nazib lec for me.and i can say yes about my basics need to be please share yr opinion about lecture selections. thankyou for your time and guidance


hiiiii..........iam an indian,preparing for usmle step 1, i wud like to know, does imgs are given surgical branches ?


Happy new year to everyone here my goal this year is to do my step 2 ck n cs needs motivation!!!please god help me if this is still what u need me to do helping people


Happy new year to everyone here my goal this year is to do my step 2 ck n cs needs motivation!!!please god help me if this is still what u need me to do helping people


Hello friends, I have been a silent reader of this thread and have felt uplifted a number of times after reading it. I am an old graduate (2003). I have two beautiful kids who are my world.After much effort I finished all my steps except step 3.i got just average scores. I got one interview through contact this year which was really strong contact. The interview went well and the PD seemed to like me then and said he will consider me. But I did not match.I am totally devastated.I feel so rejected. It seems nobody wants to give a chance to people like me. I have tried to raise my kids to best of my ability. Now every time I look at my beautiful kids , my eyes are filled with tears.. They too have their share of sacrifices in moms studies
including my husband and parents.I feel scared to try for match again and put my family through all this.Any of you could share your experience with match and in my situation. My heart wants to try one more time but my brain refuses to do so. I am so confused and exhausted:-(


Hi everyone this would be my first post as well as I start once again to study for the steps.
Im a 2003 IMG with 3 beautiful kids, and as any other mother I have alot on my plate but Im going to give it my best shot.
Mommylove, this is excatly why I gave up on the idea couple of years back and now I feel that was a mistake. You have come this far dont give up, keep trying.
My prepective is that everything in life is predestined and the only thing that can change that is prayers. Do what you can and leave the rest to Almighty.

Mommylove I would like to know how did u study......


Aisha,Thank you for your encouraging.Yes I am trying to stay positive in this phase of my life. I too believe that destiny plays an important role in ones life. And if my destiny did not want me to get this I would have not come this far. But after this match, my belief has become questionable. That said and done,I also believe that not everyone will have my kind of luck or destiny and that everybody should get a fair chance to go for their dreams. Getting certified and going for match and then the interview itself is a gratifying feeling!
About studying for the exams, it took me 2 1/2 years to finish the exams with kids and all other responsibilities..I did Kaplan and uw thoroughly. Also did Kaplan q bank for ck.Did not sit for the exam without doing good on nbme.I studied with a partner for ck as it makes this hard journey less painful and also keeps you on track! I wish I had a success story to share but I hope you have one for us..
Good luck for your studies!


Mommylove, thank you for your kind words and helful advice. Good luvk to you as well keep your head up and enjoy your children, this time will never come back. smiling face


Hello everyone !!been away for soooo long was kind of giving up,it's approaching 2yrssince step 1 and started to study for step 2 and world n all and then I don't know what happened that time just slipped by so fast that it would bec2 yrs in June since step 1really need to get going n finish the steps . Hi Mommylove n Aisha Thanks for sharing Mommylove don't give up keep trying n think about doing step 3 Ihave read that it helps ,good luck to you all .one more Q Mommylove what are the areas did u apply for n how many programs did u apply for last year?


Hi All,

I am an IMG too and graduated in 2003. I am happy to see many optimistic IMGs. I appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm. But my confusion is on which basis you are thinking that you will get into a residency program? I am thinking of USMLE too, but I need to know if it is still possible and if possible how?



Very tough for Old IMG's as most programs now have cut off for 3yrs! Sadly I would not encourage anyone to 'go for it' especially if you have everything going for you in your own country or life in USA(if you are working/raising kids). The PD's give NO consideration for raising kids and time well spent with your kids. Ultimately getting into residency jeopardizes family dynamics and most of the times, getting into the city you reside is very very hard. If you have started the journey, by all means try-nothing can stop you from trying. But know that you are getting into one of the toughest races. It is not all about studying and doing well, but also doing things like observerships/externships to get into residency. Pd's want fresh people who have no family commitment and can concentrate 100% on residency and nothing else.
If you have a previous MD , i think that certainly gives you an edge over someone who has been at homes for several years studying for the steps. Good luck.


Ok, I remembered this thread and decided to give you some motivation. I don't consider myself an old person, I actually graduated when I was 23 and I was on the top 10 of my class group. I graduated in 2001, but after 4 years, I decided to move to the US and pursuit a residency here. It was so disappointing after finding out about all the requirements, steps, paperwork, usce, etc... I thought that, because I was a good student in my country, I would pass Step 1 after reading a little bit. I was wrong. I failed step 1!

2 years later I gave it a second shot and passed step 1. Then, the following 2 years, with a lot of effort and sacrifice, I passed Step 2 CK and step 2 CS. In my first match I didn't get any interviews (I mean z e r o interviews). I did rotations with a private company and UCLA, and applied for residency in 2013. I got accepted into a residency in 2014 and I am officially a PGY1 in Family Medicine. I am so grateful for all the support from my wife and from my Creator. I am just writing this to tell you don't give up if you really want to do this!

On the other hand, if you are unable to find a residency spot, think in other ways you can apply your knowledge for the benefit of your neighbor. You have a precious knowledge that can be used in many ways. It is our moral duty to put that knowledge to work in any way possible. Residency is only one of them.

Edited by DrTico on Aug 22, 2014 - 11:39 AM


Hi , I am also an old graduate! 2004. I have been trying to take steps for several years but couldnt do it because of kids. I had couple Sps who never worked out with me because of my schedule of kids. Anyways now i finally found a very cheap and very dedicated tutor. She made me a schedule and she motivates me and pushes me to finish my daily home work & test me on that.
Anyways i thought now everything will go smooth and i probably will be able to take my exam. but reading this thread makes me depressed. I dont know if i will get any residency or not.
I am just gonna keep going and pray to GOD. If anyone need help studying and feel like you cannot motivate yourself then you should try this tutor. email me and i can send you all her info. my email address is [email protected]


Does anybody have experience with ask doc usmle step 1 prep course? I'm an old img and I was doing some research about studying material and this came across... I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks smiling face


Hi, Dr Tony! I have a contact # for tutors they teaches a lot of usmle student. They know about all those course for usmle out there. They even give free advise and free discussion session just to give you guideline about your prep. there are so many fake courses out there so take some professional advise before wasting your time and money. Their email address is [email protected]


Thanks diyashkh for the advicesmiling face


I graduated in 1996 shocked. I'm done with step 1 and preparing for step 2. I'm in govt job since I graduated, serving in a community health center.
I didn't do any postgraduation after my MBBS.
Sometimes I feel like to quit dreaming about residency in usa because of so old graduation.

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