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don't worry,congratulation on that IV thats the normal way it goes,even with recent grads and good scores they have the same problem,first come the rejections and then the IVs ,will be praying for you

keep smiling 



-dr.houston from her post here is a 2002 grad,step1-236 ,step 2-238,cs -passed and i think all were first attempt,if i am mistaken

sorry,but its what i gathered from her previous posts here,and dr.houston please correct me if I'm wrong,those are great scores and currently doing observaship  =USCE,its a great profile,only draw back is YOG but it should not matter that much right?


planters if u don't mind me asking ,what was your ck score?and what year did u sit for your ck?thanks and goodluck to you


I gave my ck in dec 2010 result out in jan 2011. Score 212.

On Nov 06, 2012 - 11:47 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
thanks,congratulation ,so you just have  step 1 left,goodluck to you


Yes Dr2pou77 you're absolutely right about my credentials and I'm in clinical rotation since Feb, 2012.. about 2 yrs gab in my cv (counted from when i entered USA till i started the OS).. and thx for your prayers .. i really appreciate your support!



wow!you are really in good shape for a match,with your great scores and USCE ,i am sure you will match .And I am so happy for your clinical rotations those are a big bonus on your cv,do you have to pay for it?so you do hands on stuff ?and has been for sometimes,everything is looking good for you.

you applied to 70 program,how much did that cost you?sorry for the Q's?


Step 2 CK, done.

If you want a clue: Chest pain and shortness of breath. Study everything about it. I feel like 60% of the questions were related to these topics.


dr.Tico - a big congratulation to you on being done with step 2ck,all the best for the cs prep and thanks for the tip.


happy studying to all,am kind of in a limbo with mine,but am trying to motivate myself ,please god help us all


hi. am doing doing second yr gen residency in india.worked in gen surg dept for 1 yr 9 months as jun resident after graduation (yog-2009).was planning to give usmle..what are the chances of getting surgery residency or im residency??is it worth giving usmle or should i prepare for mch


hello everybody ,welcome to all who are new .Finish uworld with only 56% but thats without studying much on the side and so it has expired without me redoing it again,kind of busy with work and kids and lacking motivation to keep studying,but will try to get back on track asap,time waits for no one.


happy studying everyone and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!


Hi guys I hope the treat is still alive>

It was really good for mw to read this treats!

wonder if Dr Houston ever got her IV?

I am a OLD IMG YOG 1999. I am geting ready to do USML step 1


hello everyone

just trying to keep this thread alive,welcome momotaro and kng1906 -its all up to you what u want to do,go for it

please everyone keep dropping in now and then and let us know whats happening,happy studying everyone


did usmle ck assessment and got 219 now need to do some more studies


Hi dr2pou77,
How are you doing? How is the chance for medical residency looking for you?
I have read the threads about your Step 1 prep as well as the others that where trying hard to pass the test or to mach.
I am in the very early steps of this endeavor, that I have to complete, for my mental well been.
As I already mentioned I am a very old IMG YOG (2000) in the Caribbean, WOW time when really fast for me.
Got out of medical school not really convince of what specialty to do? But, really interested the medical science, thus I when for PhD in Molecular Medicine, which I Did in Japan. That got me about 10 publications but at the price of 5 years! Now and after another 5 years I am a Staff Scientist in very well know research institution in the US, with some big papers coming. Yet I am not happy with it. I miss been a doctor too much.
I hope, the fact I been studying non-stop for all this years will help both in the exam and in my chances to Mach, but after reading all the stories, one has to be realistic.
Anyway first thin first.

I will pass step 1.


On Dec 12, 2012 - 9:15 AM, dr2pou77 responded:
Hi there,at least you have all that to help you with your application ,and i do realize my situation as a very old graduate but i have to give it a try and give it all my best and not just give up without a fight,all the best to you on your study and lets go for it.


HI dear friends!

I hope that all of you doing well in the study.

I started a new blog recently, it was the whole idea of a friend who i helped pass her CS on second attempt and she said that I"m a good teacher"that's her talking!" so go there and check.. i always add new articles and there is the Q of the day and i hope that you all participate in the answer, that will really support it! and tere is also PN practice form for all those who are taking the CS soon!


On Jan 04, 2013 - 4:59 PM, dr2pou77 responded:
thanks dr.houston


I really do not know how much it would help me. However, the residency I dream of is not popular at all.
smiling face
I will keep u post of my progress if is ok with U

One more thin, keep going!



u are more than welcome ,we all need to keep this thread alive to give hope to us all,

happy studying everyone,i know its hard with the festivity around us,happy holidays


hope everyone had a very merry x-mass


happy new year,and happy studying!


ok it seems everybody is very quiet here,

dr.houston how was the IV's ,did u have any luck?i hope so if not what u up to now?

dr.tico-when u doing the step 2 cs?

hey everybody please do write a few words now and then just so we know what happening out there.

cheers and may god keep blessing us. 

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