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 Very Old IMG's  

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hello to everyone out there who is classified as a very old img,i think we need to gather together and try and tackle this as best as we can by helping each other out,for i know that we are the lowest ranked lot, for a residency here in the USA.

feel free to post whatever as long as we can communicate and support each other in this long journey towards a residency .

i will start,I am 34 yrs old,YOG 2001 from Fiji School of Medicine,Fiji.
I did 6 yrs of medicine back home,Tonga and moved here,Arizona,USA 8/2007 ,
Had my family 3 kids and now want to get back .
I am aiming for high score like 99 for step 1 to improve my odds .
Have been preparing for 6 months now and set a date for 03/2012 but am not sure ,not doing do well with my kaplan qbank ,might have to move test date back
I said 6 months but not everyday some weeks i had to take off on some functions or other.
i did dr.Najeebs lectures and read kaplan lecture notes 2002,i also bought 2008 and will do it as 2nd read.bought kaplan high yield .
Please let us try and help each other by posting here,even if you are already doing a residency or know of someone who may be able to help us with a similar experience please let us know.
even if you are still deciding to go for it and just need some moral support ,lets get together and help one another.

thank you and i wish you all the best.


ok i guess i am the only very old img trying out for usmle! or may be its just too early for a reply.i will keep an eye out still and hope someone will join me

still doing kaplan qbank ,want to finish it so that i can start uworld!

cheers everybody and keep studying


Do you consider yourself "very old"???

My YOG is 2001 as well, and I am trying to study while working and rising a family.

Good luck, don't let your age be an obstacle fro becoming a successful doctor.


hi dear 

i am also old IMG  ,grd 2003.

and thr are many like us .

every body is struggling  with usmle ,but one we will be done with it and will be working.

i am hoping to get a residency in near future ,this is only what i can do and also study hard for sure.


hi Dr.Tico,well ...i consider my year of graduation very old since its more than 10yrs,and that what i see people here refer to as very old grads ,and more than 5 yrs as old grads,but i don't consider myself old at all or very old at that.
its good to know that there are people out there in the same boat with me.
i kwon what u mean ,but i know where there is a will there is a way.

hi there planters
i've seen your posts ,thanks and i encourage you to set that date for sept-oct 2012,i know u can do it ,do u work?how many kids?
good luck to all,
will get back to kaplan Qbank,plan to finish all by end of JAn,so that i can do 2nd read of kaplan notes,then u -world


no i dont work , have a daughter 3 yrs old ,very demanding.

my hubby is a surgeon and is like another kid ,i have to do everything for him ,no help from him as he dont get anytime.


wow,now thats makes 2 moms i've seen here with surgeon husbands,at least yoou will have some connections for when you will need it,and you may be able to discuss stuff with him.
Anyways goodluck to you,with your study


noooo,  he is of no help.

he dont have time to discuss with me.

 when he gets some time he try to spend it with our daughter  or u can say she demands.

no help with connections  as he is working in a non teaching hospital - rural hospital


Planters, I have 2 of these very demanding kids. I think most parents feel this strong


Now, I feel better, I am NOT alone in this! I am a father of 2 kids (3 and 1 yo), and work full-time as a translator... my wife is a FNP and works in an urgent care clinic, hopefully I can go and do some volunteer work there.


yes ,thats true dr,tico even i can go to my hubby's hospital ti do some volunteer work ,but we do need some specific period of observership in our area of interest and most imp the recomemdations. this is esp very imp for imgs.


hi there everybody ,i know all about kids and how demanding they are,i have 3 little ones 4,3,1 and i can bearly squeeze a few hrs a day while they are awake .

sorry to hear that planters ,we all know that in our profession its also very demanding too.

drTico,so any dates yet for step one?

did hypersensitivity reactions,lymphomas,immunosuppressives yesterday,kaplan high yield.

applicant guide,hi what is acgme?

all the best to all ,happy studying,keep smiling


Thanks for posting in my journal.... Please do not set any limitation on yourself....You are definitely not alone. We will continue to work hard. I am a single mom so I am aware of the challenges but I know that faith in God combined with hard makes the impossible possible.

Pleasant studies!


Awesome people here!nod


Q: drTico,so any dates yet for step one?
A: I took Step 1 and passed! Now I am studying for Step 2...


well...CONGRATULATIONS!!! least you have one down already,way to go!i think the worse part for you is over.
please if you can share what did you use for your prep. and if you can say which did u find most useful or a must do.
sorry to be asking so many quetions,i just need some kind of guidance on the best way to tackle this step 1 for I am aiming for 99 but if not a high pass at least,just to improve chances of residency.

Sat down to study just now,received my RR pathology by goljan,3rd edition,paid $30 for it from amazon,brand new with with some free online sudscribtion
will go through it now.

happy studing everyone


hi docNisi,welcome


welcome zappeuse



ok ,its quiet here ,
i guess everyone is busy studying hard.
happy studying everybody


hello !!
feeling encouraged,did a block of question and scored 32/47
Finishing off hematology kaplan HY lectures.
8 weeks to go before the big day ,will test myself with the NBME at the end of FEb,and will decide if i will still test 3/31/12 or move it back,will see

i really want to get it over and done with this step 1 but i also want to score high,so ia m studying hard and dealing with life( 3kids & husband& relatives)
and praying hard and wishing to be ready by March.

cheers everybody ,
best of luck to each and everyone out there

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