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 FM IV  

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Can anyone pls share FM IV experience?

the style of IV Q is different from IM or not?

Thanks a ton!


From My experience:

Interview is based on YOU and how well you can hold a conversation. B.S if you have too, but make sure you know what youre talking about. If its about you, its okay!! PD can tell if you're genuine or not. Keep eye contact, smile, and be yourself.

some remember question:

1. Why Family Medicine - You better impress them with this one!!! Make sure its genuine

2. Why our institution or program? talk about location, family, B.S if you have to on this part.

3. What do you look for in a program? - You need to emphasize on - fellowship, the visions and goals of the programs which aligns with what you want or believed in, the camaraderie among the residents, etc..

4. Future goals after residency?

5. What book have you been reading besides medicine?

6. Always remember one special case and know it well. - tell them what you learn, how u managed the pts, etc...

7. Other activity? - gym, hiking, biking, music, dancing, anything goes here..

8. Strength and weakness? common question ask

9. If I was to call up one of your friends right now, what would they say that is negative about you? vice versa.. what would they say positive about you?

10. Tell me something that is not on your CV? - tell them about you, your personality, your compassion to medicine, your up bringing, you can even mention about other recent awards that you did, etc.. just beef it up!!

11. If there was something you would like me to remember about you, what would it be?

12. We have so many qualified candidates, why should we pick you over them? - This one, you better spice up the room. Its time to sell yourself. Talk about ur motivations, your work ethics, team player, honesty, loyalty, etc.. Make sure it flows well.

13. What don't you look for in a residency?

FM IV Q are not as tricky as those ethical type questions.. so u're okay. If you don't know it.. Say something, or bs it if u have to. I know some will disagree but guess what, I did it.. haha. No one has to know if ure lying or not, as long as you can keep a straight face and be urself, y not!!!!

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