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PsychDr2B: August 24, 2004.

mash 25th aug..

rubensssss Aug 26.

Binz aug 26th.

carmenburana Aug 26th (thursday).

bm aug 27

xklxkl Aug. 31

This list came from my previous posting about when people are taking their Step1; I would like to add in our prayers and best wishes to anyone I may have left out. All of our anxiety levels must be through the roof, but that just means we can get the power of prayer by being closer to heaven :wink: Just wanted to get you to laugh a little. Seriously, my test seems to be coming up first this week. Please wish me luck and prayers as well. I plan on sleeping well the Monday night before. Then on Tuesday morning, I will walk to the prometric center and begin... Of course I will return here with my feedback. Thank you all for your help and encouragement. Our struggles now will make us all better residents sooner rather then later!
God bless to all!!!


gud luck to all!
psychdr2be, all the best! we ll pray fr u.....


ALL THE BEST!!!!for all those who are appearing in this week.may god bless you all.we'll all pray for you.
[-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<


Good luck guys and gals


good luck everyone! we're gonna rock that exam...w/all the hard work and prayers. my prayers are with all of you.



Good luck y'all. My exam is on the 26th (thursday). We can do it!


:lol: GOOD LUCK to all of you !!!
In my prayers [-o< [-o< [-o< all of you !!!
God is GREAT and He will answer our prayers.

enjoy ur last minutes studies :P


God bless us all!!! may He give us the strength to do what we can, the grace to fill up what we can't, and the mercy to get us through and annihilate this exam!!!



ESPECIALLY THE GREAT PSCYHDR2B! You will do it, my fine friend, I know you will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take no prisoners~

[-o< =D> <:wahtch_where_you_go:> [-o< [-o<


Thanks to everyone who is prying for us.Is no more time but we will do it.
lately I am been very but very nervouse that's why my bad behaviour. I apolagies sincerily.

You all are in my prayers, wish the best.


God speed to all of you!!! grin

i moved my schedule to sept 10 as per my nbme score (check my diary).

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