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 [New Book] Kaplan USMLE Step 1 Qbook  

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A new review book is now available for USMLE Step 1 exam takers

Kaplan Medical USMLE Step 1 Qbook (Rate it!)

This book has 464 pages and includes 850 questions.

Recommend the Qbook! Comment the Qbook!


Does anybody have any idea whether this book differs from the previous editions, and if it does in what way?
Thanks guys, and good luck with your studies and your exams!
A. :icon_study:


Same as previous editions.
I found one question in Anatomy to be new.
After all : dont buy if you have the old one.


Thanks for your reply.


Question: is there any difference regarding questions between Q Bank and Q book? Are Qs from Q book included in Q Bank?


yes even i want to know if there is any difference btw question bank and Q book


Well if you only do a simple calculation and you realize that there is a difference, in that QBank has much more Qs, and than there is the advantage of seeing your progress, your strenghts and weaknesses better!


Friscan, I know there's a difference between Q Book and Q Bank regarding no of Qs; my Q was if it's worth to buy Q book, if I have bought 1 or 3 months of Q Bank. Are the Qs from Q book found in Q Bank?


Can anyone say if the questions in the q book are content of the q bank? I have q bank and dont know if q book is still necessary then? smiling face

thx :oops: :lol:


I ask someone in Kaplan center and he told me they are different.
He said that qbank + qbook have together 2850 diff q.
Hope this is your answer! :wink:


thx a lot :lol:




Thanks mdfriend!


I did Qbook and Qbank Biochemistry section. One or 2 questions in Qbank were from Qbook ( I mean biochem. qs)


Me too. I see at least 8 qs in Q book present in Q bank


Hi everybody,
I'd like to ask, if this book has a big difference from the one, that comes with Kaplan Lecture Notes set o is this the same? :roll:
Thanks for Help!


so we all agree that the qbank is better than the qbook then? :?


I have the Qbook that comes with the lecture notes, and I think is the same than they offer separetely. Also, I took the Qbank and only few questions are the same. I mean in more than 1000 questions from the qbank only like 10 where in the qbook too
Hope you find this information useful,

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