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 DIAPER RASH.......6 month old infant....  

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CASE: A 6 month old infant is brought to ur office for her health maintenance examination.The mother reports that the child has developed a diaper rash in the last 10 days that has not improved with application of petroleum jelly , zinc oxide, or cornastarch. In fact, the rash seems somewhat worse after the cornstarch.The infant appears to be growing well & has no abnormalities on PE, xcept for the skin in the diaper area.Ther are confluent erythematous macules & papules on xposed ares , xtending into the skin folds peripherally. Te skin away from the diaper area is entirely normal.Wat’s the diagnosis????

1. candidial rash
2. ammoniacal rash
3. seborrhea
4. allergic dermatitis
5. staph. Infection

Wat’s the treatment which will give the best results out of these????
1. topical nystatain
2. zinc oxide ointment
3. topical corticosteroid
4. topical nystatin+zinc oxide


5. topical steroids+ zinc oxide
6. topical nystatin+cortocosteroid.


Nystatin alone.......

Sounds like some Candida infection


Yes is a candidial diaper rash but nystatin+zinc oxide give good results due to the good healing action of zinc oxide....... grin grin
There r 3 causes of diaper rash basically.....candidial, ammoniacal & seborrhea!!!!!!!
But if this same q is given with "no extension to skin folds", it wud be ammoniacal rash coz it doesn't xtend to skin folds and seborrhea has thickened skin, involving the scalp called as "cradle cap"..........
and allergic or staph. infection doesn't fit in this presentation....... grin grin

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