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 nernst equation  

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can anyone please tell me what and how much i need to know about the nernst equation
also in the last month of studying what should i concentrate on in physio?
what is th emost imp?


I wouldnt go beserk with the Nerst equation.
Id stick to cardiopulmonary ,renal, endocrine,GI, muscle and membrane transport


thanks so i can skip it


The equation itself is not important but the concept of it is important to help u in underestanding the meaning of depolarization, repolarization and hyperpolarization.


i am studying for step 1, when according to u should one give step 1,
i am in india, what r u studying for physio.... waiting for reply


You can start with NMS Physiology. It's a pretty good book. Renal & Endocrine & Acid Base are very well approached, GI is acceptably treated. However Neuro is not. Respiratory is too complicated for what you need to know and CVS is more than enough. But you've got to read these very carefully since they are a bit difficult. Hope I helped you.

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