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 passed cs 2 weeks csevideo  

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I passed CS in 2 weeks with csevideo

I have been silent member for many months
I am from south Africa 33 year old female. When I started out in medical school I was in Nigeria, one month before my completion the school has given up ecfmg accreditation and all my hopes for coming to the usa were faded and I thought this dream was not ever come true.

2 month later my father passed away from tb infection and I was to take care of my mother and younger brother. This was devastation, after I come back together, I applied to us for a family visa and used the savings my father left behind to come here. I worked two full time jobs and applied to finish medical school anywhere I can and start at my clinical rotations. I was able to join a Caribbean school and take some exams to complete my last month of education and begin rotations, I was sent to Chicago so I relocated my mother and younger brother and we moved here. My mother became employed as a cna and my brother finished his early education and started on highschool. I was feeling relieved at this time and finished rotations in Chicago at many clinics and hospitals while working two jobs. I took step 1 and failed first time, three months later I took it again and passed with a 215, I am yet not to taken the ck exam. I completed my rotations and was awarded my medical degree with a 25000 dollar balance in tuition and I make a loan plan with the school so I work nearly 55 hours a week to help support my family and pay my school to obtain my degree.

I had so little time and so little money to prepare for the cs. I was unsure, i read all the posts on cs preparation, I talked with students at the hospital and they all recommend csevideo for one month but I could only do 2 weeks because of job constraints and family responsibilities. I watched the program all day and listened to the audio while I was working and sleeping. I practiced all the cases on my mom and brother.

The day of the exam I followed all the protocol in the videos and behaved exactly how I saw the doctor do it. I got 9 of my cases were exactly like the cases in csevideo.

When I entered the center in Chicago I was overwhelmed with everything going on with me for so long. I see all these amgs and immediately think to myself I will not make this exam. I sat for the exam and returned home and rested for the day. I threw my arms up in the air and said if I get it I get it if not I will overcome whatever will stand in my way.

I received a higher performance all three areas on august 17. I work fulltime one and half jobs so I have very little spare moments to share my experiences.
It feels a relief to say all this and share what I have been through
Thank you for listening
[email protected] if you want to contact me


very inspiring story thank you for sharing your experience and wish you much luck in rest of your exam


you go girl!
congrats to you


I can imagine how you feel; you have come along way and the sky is your limit. Congrats on passing ck in such a short time and having higher performance too.
The csevideo where can i get it


to china doll and yellow eye thanks so much for your comments
mowifedoctor sounds like you have full plate also is the website I used for study
thanks again and good luck to you guys


hi i just got the csevideo monthly package any other advice onhow to go about the cs, im doing cs and step 1 at the same time is this advisable or not

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