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 CS donnnnne!!!!!!!  

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Hello everybody,i am done with my CS,i can't believe  that i passed,thanks GOD.
For everybody out there,if i could do it ,everybody can.
i am ready to answer any question regarding the preparation for this tough exam.
Good luck to you all.

Edited by biro2011 on Sep 12, 2011 - 2:30 PM


congratulation smiling facesmiling facesmiling face,,, finally a post without cse videos,,, sticking out tongue
good luck with other steps.. 3beer i believe nod

On Sep 06, 2011 - 8:08 AM, biro2011 responded:
you are right ,as alwaysnod


Hey CONGRATSSS!!!! smiling face

Which center did you take CS?? How long did it take you to prepare for it? What is your best advise to give to the ppl who are abt to take this exam?

Thanks! BEST OF LUCK in other stepss! im sure you will nail it! smiling face


Thank you so much.
well, i took my test in Chicago.
It took me about two months to study.
The best advice i can give you is to find a study partner to practice the cases with him,and he does not have to be a doctor,he or she could be a family member or a friend.


OK guys,here is some tips ,while you are practicing with a friend ,it has to be timed,meaning that you have to have a stop watch and make sure that history does not take more than 7 min.,then you have to practice fast PE ,and then closure which is vrey very important.


BTW, my preparation took two months,on and off ,which means with devotion it could be done in 2 or 3 weeks.nodnod


OK,more  tips,

while you are practicing and taking notes from the history you have to have a good hand writing ,so you can read it later yourself to write the patient notes,i am saying this because i faced this problem ,meaning after taking notes in the blue sheet ,and because of the stress of the test ,i could not read some of the notes i already took ,so everybody have to be careful regarding this issue.


Hello all,

Now i would like to talk about the study resources,FA and UW are the best,nothing else you will need except your personal notes that you take while practicing .



hi i did my cs exam in philly but am so scared bcos i forgot to drape 5 patients, did not ask abt thought of suicide in a depressed patient case and my ddx and diagnostic work up was not up to 5 in almost all i stand a chance of passing?am so scared.took my exam in august


Hi gen,

First  do not be scared,just be hopeful.

Regarding your questions, in some cases you my not be able to fill out the whole thing ,I mean you may not write 5 DD OR 5 work up ,but the most important thing that it has to be relevant.

as for the draping,of course you know that it is very important,but if you did all other steps  the right way ,you my get away with that.

in cases of depression,thoughts of suicide is not the only question you need to ask ,so if you asked all other questions you should be fine

good luck.

Edited by biro2011 on Sep 14, 2011 - 6:04 PM


thanks the reply but does draping carry alot of points bcos i did a focused PE and history taking.i think i did average in every thing but the draping is really killing me.i only draped when i needed to do ABD exam


I  am not sure how many points they give for draping , but I think  that closure  carry  more than 6 points .

For  PE I think that focused one is OK because there is no way to do a detailed one and finish on time .

So, if you did not do any fatal mistake ,you should be fine,just hope for the best. 


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