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 IMG -Family Residency 2012 Chance  

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I'm a Caribbean medical student. Just finished all rotations here in the U.S. I don't have the best USMLE scores. What are my chances of getting a Family Medicine Residency?

pass on all first attempt.
Step 1 : 78
Step 2ck: 88
Step cs: Pass
No research.
A lot of community services.
US Citizen

2 years US clinical experience in Chicago, Louisiana, Buffalo NY, and Georgia.

***Praying and fingers cross***


I'm checking out this website.

if it says:

step 1 : 80, first attempt
step 2 : 80, first attempt.

I have a 78 on step 1, and an 88 on step 2. Should I still apply anyways?

all positive, or negative inputs are welcome!!!! Thanks!


yes apply nod



Hi guys count me in. so far only rejections and acknowledgments.

If I meet all the criteria rather have more then what they asked on website but
need visa which the program does not sponsor should I apply or not?


Kriswan 123 your Citizenship and US clinical experience will be big plus things for you. So far people who got interviews whom i know had US citizen ship and USCE, even with low scores .



I got a total of 20+ interviews
Rejected 4 prematch offers and still match into my 1st choice.


congrats .would u like to tell more abt urself?
and also would u give me some tips about getting intoresidency?
my ck score is 212 and have 1 attempt in step 1
will do some 6-8 mths of observership before applying .
year of graduation is 2004.
so what r my chance to match in 2014match?


Congrats for yr match ,

 Can you share your experience about your 2 yrs of clinical experiences , what were those - observership/extern/volunteer/research and was it continuous 2 yrs without gap and how did u secure those  . I think USCE 2 yrs is a very plus point.

Thanks for sharing. GL for yr residency.



my school secured two years of rotations for me. It was back to back. Some had 1 or 2 weeks gap. Other than that, it went by pretty fast. Most important part about rotations in US is to build a relationship with your Prospector/Attending. Why? because they can give you some of the best letters of recommendations ever. Your LOR along with a WELL written Personal Statement is your KEY to getting an interview. Many places will look at your stats and your scores, but those things don't tell jack who you are in person or if you're compassionate. Your PERSONAL Statement gives them a brief glimpse of who you are, your personality, your inspiration to why you are so motivated to become a doctor.

1. Plan ahead!!!
4. When you plan ahead, you get the best LORs, the BEST CV, the best Personal statement. You have more time to look over your application and make it shine!
DO NOT wait until the last minute to do your PS or LORS. It took me almost 5 weeks to write my Personal Statement.

5. by all means apply early- SEPT 1st. You can't imagine how many interviews I got the first two weeks after I submitted my application. PLEASE! PLEASE Apply early!!!!

6. Interviews- because YOU are an IMG, accept every possible Interview granted. Don't reject any unless you have over 15 or 20. I had 20+ so I did decline many.

7. I'll write more on interviews tips and what program directors look for. I feel like i mastered it ahahahha..

be back later..

to be continue....


thanks for sharing your experience! Congrats dr Kriswan!!


please help me

my credentials:

1. One PNAS paper on cell biology 

2. 4 abstracts

3. step 1=207/78

4. step 2 cs=passed in the second shot

5. step 2 ck=expected, pending

US clinical experience in NYU, Canada clinical expereince in McGill

What are my chances for FM? 

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