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 3 months of insanity!  

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Here i am restarting a new journey! This is THE END of my prep with lots lots of gaps BUT with a great happy end!
1)Endocrino patho--->RR +goljan audios
2)Qs on endocrino from UWqs + Robbins patho Qs
3)FA Endocrino quick quick browsing

will update hourly:
2.20PM--->done with half of Endocrino path revision.1st official day of studying was vvv slowshocked. cannot afford to waste time like this...i will go cook little dinner nd come back do Qs on physio Endo and continue w FA ENDO
Will update in little bitrolling eyes time really really flies...

Edited by whitecoat on Aug 01, 2011 - 7:25 PM


hello journal!
today i started at 11AM---> from tomorrow i will be at my desk at 7AM, focusing much better in early mornings when is NOT that very hot outside...MUST maintain a very straight schedule!
1)starting w ENDOCRINE PATHO--->i must finish this long, really long chapter tday. I want to finish thyroid+pth pathology then do Qs on endocrino and finish rest of endocrino patho=adrenal, pancreas after i do Qs.
2) absolutelly MUST go thru all FA endocrino tonight, no compromise on that.
Lets go journey...i have you and God on my side, we can do this together!nod
Will update every 3h!


Hello, dear goes soo slowmad, need to pick it up very soon, orelse i am not meeting my deadline!
STILL on ENDOcrino patho...i forgot alots of concepts BUT i will finish it tonight at ANY COST! i need to keep an eye on my clock, bc i tend to waste lots time!
Gosh, i am readinng Endo path for 3 days now...terrible slowshaking head
Starting ENDO UW Qs now 6.40PM


still here folks,
1)i am done w UW phys endocr Qs
2)i am currently reading+listening to dvds for each, yes, each and every endocr chapter on physio...shall continue doing this till i fall asleep tonight.
3)i wanna do few more Qs on endocrino phys, will do Physio Qbank by Kaplan...those patho phys Qs are great
Plan is to do a deep deep/last revision of biggest biggest organ system wich is endocrino/female reproductive.
With God on my side, i shall finish all endocrino phys+female+male + all pathology+Qs on this system---> by sunday.
Will update more often, it keeps me ON MY TOESshocked

Edited by whitecoat on Aug 05, 2011 - 5:59 PM

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