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muscarinic receptors cause relaxation of all recep except lower esophageal where it causes contriction. whats its implication??


u cant swallow when you resting and digesting? :-)
or at least can't relux in normal circustance-)


i dont get u mdwannabe. whats the difference at the recep level between the lower esoph sphinctor and other phinctors??


lower esophageal and bladder sphinctors are controled by symphatetic system ???


tdr, i disagree. bladder sphinctor has both symp and parasymp


I havnt read it any where, but it sounds that during digestion when there is activation of parasympathetic pathway during digestion by increased gastric motility and secretion, there should be constriction of the lower oesophageal sphincter to prevent Reflux of the gastric content, I think


Mani... LES is mostly served by M2 receptors, that causes tonic contraction of LES preventing reflux. Relaxation is mediated by Vagus synapse on nonadrenergic/noncholinergic inhibitory neurons of the myenteric plexus. The inhibitory neurotransmitter released from terminals is likely to be nitric oxide.
So I do not understand the question. If you can, please rephrase it. May be there is something new to learn.


mdwannabe, i have quoted it kaplan pharma table on page 46. it says that muscarinic activity mediatedd via M3 recep causes contraction of all the sphinctors except lower esophageal, where muscarinic stimulation leads to contraction. i was wondering what the differnce was at recep level among lower esophageal sphinctor(LOS) and the rest of sphinctors


may be i am forgeting something, but I ll look up the book and try to find the answer.

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