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 tay-sach's and sandhoff carrier  

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what is the probability of a firstborn child getting either dse from a tay-sach's carrier who married a sandhoff's carrier?


25% fr tay sachs and nil fr sandhoffs


thanks mash. my answer is 25% too. but i don't get it why there is nothing from sandhoff when both are autosomal recessive?


How is it 25%???
I'm not sure what sandhoff disease is but I'm assuming an autosomal recessive disease with no relation to tay-sach's.

If parents are tay sach's carrier(Aa) and sandhoff's carrier(Ss) then how can the child get any of the diseases as the genes for both the diseases are not the same and since they are autosomal recessive conditions the most the child can be is a carrier of tay sach's or carrier of sandhoff's???


tay sachs is def of hexosaminidase A
sandhoffs is def of hexosaminidase A/B


thanks mash. your last post cleared a lot of things about the topic for me grin


I read the original seems the original question clearly stated that sandhoff disease is only a mutation of B(not A) and so keeping this in mind the answer is 0%

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