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Dear members,

I am the Assistant Program Director for an Internal Medicine Residency program who has guided and mentored many IMGs through the residency application process. I welcome you to visit my blog, Internal Medicine Residency for IMGs

Also free educational Videos for Internship/Residency can be found here
Sample posts include:
Observerships List
IM Program List
Discrimination against IMGs in the Match
Pre-Match offers
Interviewing tips
Even excellent scores are no guarantee
What to do if you don’t match

The purpose of the blog is to share my thoughts, opinions and advice with those who are applying to residency programs. If you have a question that you would like to see answered, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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Dear Dr Christopher,

Thank you for your contributions to the various medical student/graduate forums. I follow your posts regularly.

I read the entry you made today on externships and observerships. You suggested that externships are meaningless but you did not clarify this statement. I assume this is specific for your residency program?? You explained in great detail the role of the observer and the benefits of observership but you were silent on "insured hands-on US clinical experience" otherwise called externships. I however disagree with you on some points.

In trying to short-list programs to apply to in September, I have made a lot of phone calls to residency programs requesting their eligibility criteria for international medical graduates. Quite a number of them do require several months of this "insured hands-on clinical experience" particularly in Family medicine with letters of recommendation from the experiences. Some are okay with observerships. I have also been told pointedly by a residency program director to get hands-on experience as observerships do not count for her program.

Externships are useful and give you an edge over observerships particularly if you are an old graduate. Basically you are allowed to take histories and perform non-invasive physical examinations and write simulated patient notes. You present the case to your perceptor, differential diagnoses and management plans are discussed. It is a useful experience which allows the attending to assess you on so many levels particularly patient interaction, articulating clinical complaints with appropriate management and the attitude to learn. You will be recommended for residency if you are impressive. Most residency programs are well aware of the differences. Observerships say "this is possibly good material for training...given the opportunity, he will perform well..I hope". Externships are "this is good material for training and I say so because I have seen him in action"

I just felt the need to clarify this. What do you think? I'll be reading your blog.

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