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 relaible soure for step 2 cs  

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guys pls tell me which source is reliable for step 2 cs
pls let me know The Book and The Video


FA book and i had both i thought gud. i passed exam smiling face


first aid is all u need buddy trust me all of my cases were from fa but dont underestimate minicases in first aid as those r also very imp couple of minicases r not presented in long cases but they r very important as i hav heared that couple of centres including mine hav cases from that part of the book...........

cse videos r ok but not that helpful primarily coz they hav done pretty lengthy examination very very quickly and for that u seldom hav time to do whole examination for me i had only enough ti,me time to complete at least chief presentaions and related very very focussed examination


i tried the step2cs .net program witha friend and we both failed the first time, i was so confused after using it,

i am using csevideo this time

when i took my exam i did very lengthy pe like in the step2cs videos and failed could never finish any cases becasue i spent so much time on pe and ran late on pn i was advised first time by my school to use csevideo but i was so confident said i dont need that and followed the forum on just needing fa

what a big mistake

i just got csevdeo for month today and willl defintely use it i saw the pe exams and i think if i did it that way first time i would have passed i got it for amonth if you wanna study online iwht me pm me and we can


ekg2001 well i used it and passed and so did my dorm mates. to each his own it is funny though how your post seems to match exactly other posts. if you like cse video that is good for you they are a good program but get your lies and advertising straight.

On Jul 21, 2011 - 11:44 AM, jetlordjr responded:
i dont understand u r response , but thanks for u r response friend. i used UW and FA , i heard about CSE may be from those advertisement guys or I dont know. Any way i like FA as i can syt It is like BIBLE for cs.Beyond that its just matter of the individual preference. Thanks.


FA + UW. Practice as much as you can with partners or friends. Make your own proforma after reading all the books and advice on the internet blogs and forums like this one.


hi guys im about 2 weeks into the csevideo program and from what i see it match the exam pretty close im still seeking parnters

im following the video wht the fa and making notes in it

and as far as the pe i am able to finish the pe in abt 5 min its perfect for the cs exam i have been practicng mainly the pe on friends and if you practice what you see in the vide long enough it sticks
please let me know if you want to do skyp cases
john.medical is my skype

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