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I have an important Question,
I have an opportunity to join a research in the united states for 6 months and I got matched for a residency program in Qatar, I have to choose either one of them, so which of this do you as a program director think will be best to increase my chances to get a residency in USA next match?

Thank you sooo much for your time


U asking her which is better...mingling with USA academia versus hanging out with Qatari Academia. It is clear the research is better(for US residency purposes)

However I bet u are not sure becos the residency is certain and u dont know what comes after the research. This is a very personal decision that nobody can make for u. It is about how much risk u wanna take


It's very hard that a research experience in the U.S. will allow you to get a manuscript. Even technically acomplished individuals might require 1-2 years of hard work to complete a manuscript (as first authors). At best you can expect is just a coauthorship even if you're the provider of patient samples or other key reagent.

Personally I don't know how research experience is judged by clinical program directors; possibly a short stint like the one you're describing will give you a lot of points.

Looking things with some of my personal perspective, I'd choose the residency in Qatar taking into account that I'm not familiar with the practice of medicine in Qatar... but I don't think it matters since you'll be working in a University hospital with good standards of practice. Hopefully they don't have Managed Care for a healthcare system. If the healthcare system in Qatar is different from Managed Care, then I would definitely advice you to take the residency as this will later serve you as a good comparison between the American, private insurance company- predominant system vs. an alternative system, possibly still intact from the Free Trade globalizing influence of private companies.

Good luck. I agree that it's a very personal decision.

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