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Do you think six months is a good enough time for USMLE step 1 exam?

On Jun 06, 2011 - 10:41 PM, janetm responded:
That depends on how well you have used your med school years. If you have done consistently well on all of your med school evaluations, 6 months may be enough, but if your foundations are a bit shaky, it is best to give yourself 12 months to prepare. It is worth the wait, just like all good things in life.


Don't study the day before the exam? That sounds like terrible advice. I'm gonna spend my last day cramming HY info.





First of all Thanks for posting this thread, its really helpful. Actually i am going to start preparing for Step 1 and i just need some guidance as whats the best way to get myself started with it. First of all, Is it advisable/recommended to go for the USMLE tutoring for Step1 ? What i have researched so far is that there are quite a lot of tutoring facilities out there which have tutoring session costing anywhere from 2K to 4K $, what i am curious is if someone have taken those tutoring sessions and if they worth spending that much money? Also if someone can shed some light as what other materials are available which can help i n preparing for Step 1.

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Zaib Nisa


thanks for the above advice, i want to start studying for step 1, i am a little nervous and i have been putting it off for over a year now. i am working six hours a day, do u think it will be sufficient enough to study?


study study study!


I don't know about not studying the day before the exam...

The day before the exam I was up from 5 AM to 11 PM reviewing my pharmacology and boy... Thank goodness I did!!! Got more than 15 questinos on pharmacology becasue of the last mainute review!


Good Morning there,

I have being studing for this test for the last 6 months. I have a full time job that I can not stop.

I study from Kaplan books and lately First Aid (last read).

Kaplan Q Bank score: 56% I have to admit I did repeated question.
NBME 7: 310 (177)

Should I keep doing Kaplan Q Bank? Any other Q bank you will suggest?

I am planning to study for another 4 months at least but I want to be more efective this time.

Your support is highly appreciate it.


Hi Everyone ...

I hv joined this forum today,Could anyone please guide me as to how to go about the applying process for USMLE step 1, starting from A to Zee ... Like in Order, please ...


hiii..Janetm..!do you think..kaplan notes n goljan r enough to score high 99..apart from qbanks..?or we need other hugh yield books..?


jobin001 wrote:
hiii..everyone..!..!do you all think..kaplan notes n goljan r enough to score high 99..apart from qbanks..?or we need other high yield books..?

wats ur opinion janetm..?


well i have also started over my usmle prep from the very 1st of december and planning to give it in 11 months next year in u think thats enough time and how much do i need to study everyday for that?and when should i b completing my first read atleast!!


hi ahmedzaman....i also just started and i think i ll pass the exam the month of september2012...we have to work veryyyy hard..i ll try to do at least 8-10hours of study everyday


hi everyone.. can someone tell me what are the books i can read and what are some important ques to remember while taking USLME 1... i still have 3-4 months to go to take my exam.. i just graduated and i dont have any idea,, like if there would be more of FA, UW or NBME.. plss anyone any suggestions??


Hello ppl
I would really like to know
what are the most important subjects in the USMLE step 1 exam ?
I've heard that the bulk of the Qs are about pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system, then GI system

can any body give me an appxt percentages for the topics ?


Hi, I want to prepare for USMLE Step 1 Exams. I am planning to join Dr. Shakeel Khan's online course.

The course page link is:

But before join this course I want some reviews. Please check and confirm me whether is is good to join OR not.....


What you said it is very interesting.


lol Janet advertises something and then doesn't bother answering q's! makes me wary of the course she touts!

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