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 auscultation question  

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What do you guys think?

I only auscultated the 6 posterior areas of the lungs for all patients...i didnt do any anterior lung auscultations whether lung cc or not because I rarely do it in clinic anyway!

for heart, i only auscultated 2/4 heart sounds on nearly everyone (4/4 on maybe 2 patients with heart complaints.

oh yeah, I used the wrong tuning fork for weber's and rinne's!

i cant believe it guys...i was rushing

did anyone do this and get away with it....?!


my other mistakes...

As for the exams...well where to start--i only auscultated 2/4 on heart for most patients (which I hear you dont get credit for but who really knows), lungs on everyone (only from the back...didnt even think to do the front because no one ever does), only did cranial nerves on a seizing patient (got caught up with HEENT, lungs, and poor time management), didnt do abdomen on a possible mono/sore throat kinda thing (i did HEENT and full lungs) oh yeah...I forgot people had extremities!! didnt look at anyone's extremities...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel so crappy...I used the wrong tuning fork for weber and rinne's =(. But i did do the appropriate (to me) physical exams for the patient's symptoms in nearly all other cases!.........ugh i just have to wait!


just wait and see !!! i know its a lot of stress and you cant stop thinking abt it pray really hard and i really wish u clear !i know ppl have passed and ill just talk abt the good experiences right now and u go pray !

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