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 what do u think about csevideos?  

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does any body try these videos? R they perfect ?


I just subscribed to csevideos and I cant say I was too impressed. It is definitely NOT perfect. I ve just subscribed today but I dont think it has a huge deal to offer on top of first aid. It may come in handy for the communication part, maybe. It may gives you a visual sense of how the exam atmosphere may be but other than that I think you still have to read the necessary questions for each case on first aid and the minicases and practice in a timed mode. So in short I dont think you will lose much if you dont subscribe.


Now that I had some more time to think about it ,the resources are not bad and maybe useful for people depending on how they like to study so I wouldnt want to discourage people who are thinking of subscribing.


@sa333 i find the csevideo people to be very friendly and always ready to help with questionsor stuff, they gave me a free day just cause i asked them, maybe you can talk with them they are very nice, not like kaplan you get only what you pay for with kaplan and ht toehr programs

i highly recommedn them
i took my exam in la in mid april i used csevideo for about 5 weeks, my borhter is an amg and he told me dont walk in for that exam without these videso i was doubtful but he was correct, he told me he used it and so do his friends he goes to ucla and is 4 year and passed cs this year. my exam was very much liek csevideo i suggest you watch at least for 2 weeks before you take your exam and use it with fa they match very well i get my result this mid june and will post them.


Hi now that I had more time with csevideos I think that they try to teach you the patient encounter to be done in a limited time period and they monitor their emails very often even on a Sunday- that is when they replied and fixed a problem with my account. So I am really sorry for writing negative comments I don't want to give anyone the wrong impression. I think it gives you a good insight given the limited amount of time so don't expect the physical exam to be complete but that prepares you for the exam


Even if the physical exam is not complete in one encounter you can watch almost all maneuvers in different encounters so I don't think there is a problem with their physical exam and yes they are very friendly


if you look on the bottom of hte right page when you sign in there iare pe videos that cover all the pe exams jsut as is without an encounter

i learned when i watched them that the pe exams follow the fa when they tell you what exams to do for that case, so for each video there are the pe for that case only i would not suggest you do more than that in your exam b/c we are only suppose to do focus pe for each case and time runs fast in the room
good luck im glad you worked it out with them


IMO Csevideos is excellent . It makes you familiar with the entire encounter - right from door knock- to showing empathy, draping, being very professional and also good PE.
I hightly recommend it.

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