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 I think I failed...  

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I took the exam today and I am completely devastated right now. I prepared for about 17 days using FA for this thing and I am really worried about my performance. I am a native english speaker and have done all my training in US and i just dont know what to make of today.

In terms of history taking--I think it was my best part (sure i can think of a bunch of things i missed); i got most all of the relevant stuff to cover the appropriate differentials but this cost me time on the physical exams...I decided not to compromise my counseling and spent less time on the physicals and subsequently wasn't able to do cardiac exams, pulmonary exams, and neurologic exams where they were totally relevant! I royally screwed up at least 4/10 exams. I mean if a patient comes in with hearing problems and I'm running out of time, do I have to listen to the lungs? In fact for one of my cases, I got overzealous and missed a whole pmh, psh, fh, kinda stuff...i remembered later at some point after my physical exam but i got it done.

I introduced myself appropriately, was super nice, used transitions, simple words, summarized, washed hands, draped every patient and such but didnt shake hands with most anyone...i cant believe it;...i also had a small space out for about 10 seconds on 2 encounters... i dunno wtf i was thinking. Some patients were really nice and others were blah...

did anyone else not do heart on everyone and pass?...I only did 5/5 heart spots on 1 patient...and 3-4 others I only did 2/5. The rest I didn't do them but I did do the focused freaking out

I mean I always feel pretty crappy after exams but end up doing very well...I dunno about this one though... anyone else feel like crap or they failed after this thing?


dont worry just wait and see!! majortiy of the ppl feel this way and pass


just relax and go ahead next part of your plan. I can tell you from my experience
that u will get at least pass score. hahahha seriously


thanks for the support guys i am trying! will let you know how it went


i dont care if i get the lowest possible long as it is a pass!

I also forgot people had extremities during the exam...didnt look at any extremities thoughout the whole thing...what do u think


and i just realized i used the wrong tuning fork for the weber and rinne's test (i used the 128hz one shown in most of the PE videos on youtube, but the proper one is the 512hz!) and no whisper test either...i did the otoscopy though!

Edited by cooolguy on May 21, 2011 - 9:56 AM


PASSSED with high marks on everything except english strangely (I am an Indian american born english speaker).

So read my posts and read them closely...if i passed you all will!

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