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 Got 99/ success story!!  

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Salam ,

Some people told me just read FA and UW and don't waste your time in anything else , How about if I concentrate the 6 months of prep for FA and UW only ? do u think it will cover everything ?

Tx bro

On May 30, 2011 - 9:51 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
UW and FA cover almost every q of the exam ....but this is an exam of concepts have to study well and read books first then go for UW and FA to get the most benifit u can from them

u have to learn the concepts first

do what people with high scorea always do ..KLN+Goljan+UW+FA.

but in a 6 month u will finish every thing ...go for it dont be scared it is more than enough time
wish u the best



BIG BIG BIG CONGRATS, Bedwan smiling face))
Im sooooo happy to see your success, this is what keeps me going, the good end stories after hard hard work!!!
Whew! Im totally smilling right is possible!!! i need to keep seeing this around me smiling facefe qs to ask you:
1)your real exam Qs were most likely like what Qbank, in terms of difficulty and length of Qs?
2) How would you rate FA? how helpful was it for ya?how many stars? smiling face)
3)what do you regreat NOT doing more?
All the best!

On May 30, 2011 - 10:02 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Thank u soo mush dear friend for ur nice words ...widh u all the best ISA.

yes it is possible and very doable ...and u will ace it with hard work ISA.

the exam qs were very similar to the sample materials they provide on their website ....the exam was way easier than UW and UWSA ....and a little easier than NBME.

FA covers almost every thing if u work first on ur concepts from KLN and Goljan ...and then supplement it from UW ....and if u really want to master it ...use Rx ...u will consolidate FA ...but u have to do UW after that too.

If i could go back...although i do not wish that actually am so happy Alhamdolellah ....I would finish all rx qs i only did 75% of them in the last 15 days only....and yes i would not postpone my exam not even think about it ...u can only postpone if the NBME scores are not satisfying and indicating a low score .


Hey can i have ur e-mail address, need to ask u somthin..highly appreciate it!

On May 31, 2011 - 11:35 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
check ur inbox !!


Thanks bedwan, you have answered all my dobts! CONGRATULATIONS and enjoy a reasonable break but NOT too long!!!
whts next for you?CK or CS?
1 more Qs:wich FA did you use? 2010?or 2011?

On Jun 04, 2011 - 12:18 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hey thank u so much for ur nice words ..

actually am doing internal medicin nowdays ...hoping to tkae CK in next Oct, ISA.....Then will go to the states to tkae CS and do electives rotations .

I used FA 2010....but u have to use the newest eddition befor ur another thing ....u have to download the errata from

u will be surprized ffrom the a mount of mistakes in FA.
All the best and wish u a better score than me .



Hey how many hours did u study a day

On Jun 05, 2011 - 4:42 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
it always was 10+ but there was some days when i did not touch the books ...but i was always there!!!


Do you think We can ace the test(220+) using FA+Goljan+UW?

On Jun 19, 2011 - 12:49 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
These sources actually cover every thing in the exam and I think even more BUT u have to work on ur concepts first from Kaplan and goljan make sure that u understand the materials u can handle FA and UW as efficient as u can .

sorry for the late reply ...was home ...just came to Cairo nod


congrats bedwan!! i need ur help, i am a fmg and i am going to take my test after approximately 3 months and i didnt start preparing as yet.. is this time enough? please suggest what material i should use and what schedule to follow, like what first and then what next... i would highly appreciate any help, thanks..smiling face

On Jun 19, 2011 - 12:56 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi there ....

I suggest u organize yourself more than that is your score what really matters at last

are u a full time studying ?

and even if u are i recommend atleast 4 month plan ...

start by reading KLN in all subjects except patholgy for pathology use Goljan RR

and we will take it from there .....

and please tell me more about ur circumstances ,ur time

Sorry for the late reply nod


hello Bedwandoctor...

First of all i must say you are a person who really deserve this marks because you have gotten such good marks with your hard work and you are willing to guide and help others achieve their goals. i am impressed.. May God bless you and may you have a very bright future..

Now i wanted to ask u some questions regarding my preparation..

First of all i have 2 months left till the exam..

Till now i have given one read to CMMR, Hy NA, Goljan, Kaplan Anatomy, Hy Embryo, Kaplan physio, kaplan BH, Kaplan Biochem. I have also watched the Kaplan videos for Embryo, Physio, Biochem, BH, and soon to Watch the videos for PHarma.

Now i have read Goljan once but i dont think i got too much out of it. soon will listen to his audio as well. After reading Goljan i feel i havent grasped all of it yet.. third read will be better i hope...

See my plan is to do all of the above 1 more time and then start first Aid.
I havent done any mcqs yet..

Now my question is what would u change in this schedule or study material? i also have DIT which i hope to do as well...

Thank you in advance and good luck on exams..

God bless you .....

On Jun 19, 2011 - 1:05 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hey ...thank u so much for ur nice words ..God bless u too smiling face

it is great that u are done with all these materials till now if i were u

will complete my first read

then will go through the materials again

go for Uw and take notes in FA

do DIT ( i did not do it but a friend who got 235+ in his nbme 12 like it ) along with FA

do NBME online

then go through uw again (both right and wrong expl)

do another NBME online

so u know ur self ...and if u can push ur date a month later it will be great qs what matters at last go for it ..wishu a great score ISA.

and if u needed any thing am here to help

SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY.....was home nod


thanks a lot for the reply bedwandoctor. i am completely free at the moment and can put in 12hrs a day. should i watch the kaplan videos and read the notes? first watch videos and then read notes? in what subject order should i prepare? how long should i spend for FA and UW? please help me about how to divide my time i have only 3months for this.. thanks in advance smiling face

On Jun 20, 2011 - 3:56 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Ok then it is great to study 12+ a day ...but i think we will take it step by step and will move according to the NBME score ...

so the first month start by reading KLN and watch the videos only when u cant understand a topic .

then in the last 2 months do UW and FA ...then take online NBME ...if u got a descent score go for it if not u have to consider postponing as online nbme never lies smiling face

am sure that if u would dedicate the time and energy u will ace it ISA ...but please do ur best it is doable exam so do not wast this opportunity

salam ..bedwannod


oh , and the last material to be read is pathology, from goljan ..the rest do what order u like ..

if u could not finish glojan within the first month ...complete the read while u are doing FA and UW .


bedwandoctor wrote:
oh , and the last material to be read is pathology, from goljan ..the rest do what order u like ..

if u could not finish glojan within the first month ...complete the read while u are doing FA and UW .

thanks a lot bedwandoctor! i was thinking of doing the kaplan stuff for two months with videos in the morning and reading the notes in the afternoon and then doing FA for the part which i finished that day.. then on the last month revise FA and do UW. what do u think about this? or should i just follow what u said about 1 month of kaplan and then 2months of FA and UW?


Congratulation bedwandoctor way to go !!!!!!! I signed up with this website today and after reading all the coments I am happy that I did so that i can egt advice from you. Now I am an FMG graduated in 2005 and had several attempts for step 1 but was unsuccessful in passing so need your help.

well here is what I have done so far
Read Kaplan notes all once
Read FA new version once
Now watching the kaplan videos and plan to do Goljan after this
Then do USMLERx, UW and NMBE as well.

what do you think about my schedule? Please do let me know. Thank you so much and May God bless you for helping all the people like me and others in this website.
smiling face


hi I have a quick questions what are some good sources for studying physiology and microbiology? if one can reply that would be helpful...


@misc .......Hey there ...UW and FA contain almost all the information u need to ace this test

you have to do UW more than one time and read the right and wrong explanations

it is better to master the 400 pages FA than mastering 3000 pages KLN (as target said and i totally agree with here )

u need kaplan and goljan just to get the concepts clearer





thank u so much for ur nice words ..wish u the best ..and wish u ace this exam thhis time ..Amen

thank u so much for making it a poit to post here

look ...every buddy here know that we have to study KLN,Goljan, FA and UW to ace the test ...but still not every one get a 99

so i think it is a concept problem please when u read KLN and Goljan try to focus on concepts and understanding not just reading the notes .

If I were u ..I will make sure that am getting a very high 99 befor i go to the exam this time here is what i think u have to do ..

it is great that u are done with KLN and FA for the first time ...

go for videos ( you can skip the micro and have to skip the pathology )

after doing the videos the 2nd read and Goljan (u can skip micro and pharma ...just do them from FA this time )

try to do goljan 2 times if u have the time

then go for USMLERx for a month

then UW for a month ..try to integrate it in FA by taking notes from what u made wrong and stuff that is not in FA

u may do DIT videos to really consolidate ur knowledg of FA ( i did not do that but some friend say that it is great )..but has to be after UW and RX please ..

then take NBME 11 online

finally do UW the second time for a month ..and do NBME1-7 offline

do NBME 12 online

...i do not know if u would like to do all of that or not ...but this is really what i recommend ..u need to get a very high score ..and it is only about good preparation thing else

GL ..and please let me know ..if u needed any thing

all the best



for KLN then do the Kaplan videos it a gain ...then do UW at least 2 times

for micro MMRS ...then read FA ...and then do UW and integrate it in FA ...u should be fine

all the best



bedwandoctor wrote:
@misc .......Hey there ...UW and FA contain almost all the information u need to ace this test

you have to do UW more than one time and read the right and wrong explanations

it is better to master the 400 pages FA than mastering 3000 pages KLN (as target said and i totally agree with here )

u need kaplan and goljan just to get the concepts clearer



thanks a lot bedwandoctor.. this certainly makes things more clear.

On Jun 26, 2011 - 6:20 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u too so much ...wish u the best nod


Hi Bedwandoctor

Thank you very much for your advice. I will follow it and will let you knwo how I am doing once I start doing the questions. Really God bless you for helping me and I do not know how to thank you.

Well so far I have watched the Anatomy video of Kaplan and to me it does makes a lot sense once you read and the reread by watching the video they are really gr8. Will keep u posted on my progress for the Step 1 prep.

Thanks a lot once again.

On Jun 26, 2011 - 6:24 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
you are welcome and wish u the best score ever

feel free to let me know about ur progress ..and i will be more than happy to asssisst u and help u getting ur dream score nod

it is great what u are doing till now ...keep it up



hiii can you please expand MMRS? and also in your regular day you said you studied 10-12 how did you divide that up? and also subject wise how did you divide up throughout the day?

On Jun 26, 2011 - 6:30 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
hey MMRS ...Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple

my study time was different every day like some days just reading and others reading and videos ...and so on nod


Hi. I'm taking my exam in december. I plan to start my study routine in July. However, time constraints means I have only about 4 hours a day to study, thus I would prefer to avoid lengthy books.

Is Usmle First Aid and gojlan sufficient for a 99, assuming I memorize every single word in them? I also plan to do all the question banks.

On Jun 27, 2011 - 1:25 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi there ...

u know FA and UW cover almost all the qs in the exm BUT this exam is more conceptual than any other exam u have to understand the concepts very well then go for review books and q banks even if u are gonna use them as learning tool to get the most out of them .

so u cant depend on memorization and u dont need to u may memorize FA word to word and get a failing score !!! u need to understand the FA and integrate UW in it not just memorization .

i think u have a plenty of time to go through Kaplan and Goljan notes at least once then go for the FA and UW ...

it is great to do more than 1 qs bank
but i recommend 1 month Rx with FA to master it
and then 2 month UW to do these qs more than once to get the most out of it .

..any way u have to depend on the online NBME score which will tell whether to take the exam or postpone it nod

wish u the best score ever
bedwan nod

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