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 Got 99/ success story!!  

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Hey friends ..took exam March 29.

score was released May 16.

Alhamdolellah i am done is agreat releive


for dr HISHAM ,...i just do not know what to say my brother,teacher ,mentor and friend ,....without u i could not do it ...u are the best my dear friend ...i wish u all the best in ur life ISA.

you were patient ,optimistic,tought me the meaning of helping people when they need u, i would not do any thing without u.

special thanks to buddy 128,and all other friends who helped me.


I am afinal year medical student at Kasr Alainy medical school,Cairo university Egypt.

Materials i used ..
Kaplan videos
goljan books and audios
UWSA 1,2

I was below a below average student to the point that i took the physiology exam in the first year 3 times just to pass and the anatomy twice you can imagin what kind of students i was ..hahaha.

any way i studied for step 1 for 8 months but really u can say it was abou 5 because of the Egyptian revolution and lots of changes in my study plans.

i booked my exam befor i study but finally i extended my eligibility period .

SO will write down a recommended plan as i extracted it from my exp and mistakes ....wish u all the best.

-read the materials from kaplan then watch the videos that for all of the materials except for pathology.

-for pathology read gljan and use his audios

..and yes for micro u can use MMRS but the immuno kln and videos are great. first then go for videos.
so u are done with the first read ....after that go for the 2nd round of reading followed by the relivant part of the FA..

so all the process should take 3 month no more.

then go for a 1 month subscribtion of USMLERx to master the FA.

after that go for 2 month UW and integrate in right and wrong qs
integrate UW in FA by taking short notes from UWin FA.

*NBMEs and self assesment ...

i recommend one form befor UW and another one after 1 round of FA....the third after the 2 nd round of UW.


took UWSA 2 ..15 days 226
NBME 7 ..5 days out...560/236
UWSA1..the night befor the 232.


the night of the exam i just took UWSA1 and then went for shoping and dinner outside and had a good time ....bought my snakes

1 sandwich turkey
1 power horse
2 choklate bars
mango juice

...reached the center about 8:30 am

started the exam..and took 2 blocks ......back to back

5 minutes break
3rd block
5 min break
lunch and i did Alzohr prayers...took me about 30 minutes
5th block
5 min break
6th ....
then i got too tired but i was finishing the blocks 3-4 minutes early and that time added to my break time not exam time .
so i was left with 28 min not 15 as was planned ..

did al Asr prayers and drank some juice ...then

went for the 7th ...skiped the survey....and i was done.

from the start i knew i will do it ..the qs was very similar to the USMLE cd ..and easier than i just tried to relax.
exam qs were so easy compred to UW and UWSA ,so i recommend them as learning tool.

any way there was a problem in my verification i waited for 7 weeks but Alhamdolellah it is finally released and i was so happy as this means alot to me and my family being the kind of student i was ,but from my inside knew i am better ....but it may be i can not accomodate with the GIVE AN ACCOUNT ..type of qs .

now will go for CK with cleare mind ISA

any way any one need any help i will be more than happy to assit and help him.ISA.

all qs are welcomed.



I am so happy for you bro!!


My exam is in one and a half month. I am doing UW and FA. Seems like I cannot remember any thing. When I am doing for example Renal, I forget everything about CVS and so on sad

Please pray for me.

On May 18, 2011 - 8:02 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi ....thank u soo mush brother ...

forgetting information is not a big deal while u still in the study process...u know it deep in ur brai believe me ....

this exam is about integration and concepts ...if u understand the concepts u will ace it inshaaAllah.

try to take NBME online once u finish ur UW first round and we will take it from there here to help u at any time ..and u have a plenty of time ..just study hard ..u will ace it ISA



Salam Bedwandoctor,

Congratulations for the great score and good luck inshallah in your CK preparation and exam.

Please keep an eye on your English; it is really important to work on improving it as much as you can before coming to the States.

Salam and D3watek!


On May 18, 2011 - 8:05 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much abdo ...thanks for this nice words ..

am really keeping an eye on it ..thanks againsmiling face



congratulations, i am still expecting mine. Put me in your prayers because i am still to get my verification letter though i was emailed that another was resent on 12th May.

On May 18, 2011 - 8:09 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi there ..thank u for ur nice words ..and u are in my prayers for sure.

expect the 2nd verification request to be at ur school from May 26 on ..and e mail it by express mail...and contact the mail service after 3 days to make sure that it was delivered...and from that day wait 5 buisness days and call the ecfmg in the 6th day and ask them to update ur info in their system ..and the score will be sent to u in the sam day INSHAA ALLAH

all the best



alf alf mabrouk ya mannnnnnnnn. isa 23bal el match.
ana my name is ahmed and i am from egypt graduated from qasr el ainy. i wanna ask , kool shwaya b2ra en el nas betzaker el pathology from golian . ana 3awez a3raf hma asdohom golian book el kbeer wala golian notes ely hma 100 saf7a dool , asly 7ases en ketab golian kbeer aweeee

On May 18, 2011 - 8:15 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi Ahmed ..thank u for ur nice words ...u too wish u all the best.

for pathology i recommend doing Goljan with his audios i mean the big one 600+ pages it will help u so much.

if u are in a shortage of time kaplan book or BRS for pathology plus the audios u should be fine ....but personally i did not do that and i recommend the big one it will help consolidate ur concepts and that is what matters for the USMLE.

thanks again for ur nice words .....wish u all the best ...and if u needed any thing just let me know i am here to assisst u ISA.



Can I ask you....
a) How many hours did you study per day?

b) did you take big breaks during 8 month period?

c) How much time did it take you to do Goljan book and Kaplan Videos?

On May 18, 2011 - 8:27 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hi there..
a) i was studying at least 8 hrs per days and this was pure time according my stop watch...most of times between 10-12 hrs ...and my max was 14 hrs

but some days i was not touching the books hahaha.

b)i wasted about a month during the Egyptian revolution i was infront of tv all the day as i am from sinai not from Cairo and was studying at home for step 1
...and during the holy Month Ramadan my performance was not that good because of fasting but alhamdolellah every thing went smooth.

c) for gljan...actually some chapters did them more than one time and others just once ..but over all ...gave 2 reads for most chapters.

some i just read a week away from my exam like renal and reproductive.

FOR videos did most of them with the readings so i did not count it ...but as i wrote befor i recommend doing them after the first read.

All the best to u...if u need any help ..i am here to assisst u



nod yayyyyyy awesome score!!!!!!!!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!! i'm happy for you, big congrats doc!!!!!

On May 18, 2011 - 8:37 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much u too all the best.



congratulations on the wonderful score
3okbal the others steps inshallah
smiling face

On May 18, 2011 - 8:57 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much sister ..u too all the best in ur exams ISA


Thank you so much bedwandoctor. Your words are so encouraging for me!!!nod

I will share my NBME result with you and will get your advice ISA. May Allah reward you for your help (Ameen)

On May 19, 2011 - 2:11 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much for ur prayers ...u too all the best ISA.

waiting for ue nbme score and am sure u will ace it ISA


Hi, I wrote the following in your journal, I am copy pasting it here. I would highly appreciate if you reply please. Hope I am not bugging you too much smiling face

cando wrote:
Congratulations on getting a great score Masha'Allah nod

I browsed through your journal of last 2 months prep. I am finding it very helpful for my prep and will also try to follow your foot steps smiling face

I have a couple of questions if you kindly answer those:
1: in the last page of your journal you mentioned doing 7 blocks every day. What question bank was it? and for how many days did you do 7 blocks daily?
2: You subscribed to USMLE Rx, did you find it helpful? and for how long did you take it?
I will appreciate your help nod

On May 19, 2011 - 2:23 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
bugging me !! how come u say that?....i will do every thing i can to help u ace it ISA...we are all in the same boat ....and i totally understand ur feeling right now ...i assure u if u work hard ...u are there my friend.smiling face

it was Rx ...i subscribed for it in the last 15 days after doing UW q bank and UWSA 2 and i got 226...i used it to master FA as no matter how u read u will not know where u really qs will help u track ur weaknesses and misunderstanding of info....apparently it worked good for me ...took nbme 7 ..10 days later and got 236.

it is not like the exam type of qs in my opinion but i recommend it to master FA which is i think the holy book for step 1 .

not every day was 7 blocks but least was 3 ..

wish that help...all the best and if u need any thing i am here for u nod


hey congratulations..i wish u luck 4 d exams ahead..

On May 19, 2011 - 2:26 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much for ur kind words ...u too all the bestsmiling face


Congratulations Bedwan.....Just went thru your journal...You were so disciplined & confident..You deserve this score...I
have few qss...
While reading FA for the last 2 motnhs with U world....How did you recapitulate?I read few pages & then forget the old pages.
So How did you know that you mastered each system?
How many Pages/hr could you study(avarage)?
How many days did you take to revise the whole FA with UW?
Which videos did you see again in the last 2 months?

Thanks in advance.

On May 19, 2011 - 2:40 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u for ur nice words i appreciate that ...wish u a better score ISA.

me to that happens ...but believe me if u understand the concept u will get it right in the exam...any way i integrated uw in FA by taking notes from what i did wrong and things that not present in FA.

actually it took me 2 months to do that ....then i was 15 days out so took UWSA 2 and then subscribed for rx i said i revised FA through rx....when u are revising each q in rx they give u the exact pge of the topic of answer and relative topics i was reading the page of answer for the q and my notes i wrote from FA in the same time it helped alot and saved lots of time ,

but i recommend mastering FA through doing rx ....first befor going to uw to maximize ur benifit from uw which is the best q bank for usmle ...but also i consider FA the holy book for step 1 ...and u have to master also.

in the last month i watched ...biostastics and neuroanatomy videos as i felt weak in that ....

if u need any help am here to assosst u brother ur best and u will ace it isa


Can you kindly tell how you used your last 30 and 15 days respectively?

On May 21, 2011 - 7:43 AM, bedwandoctor responded:
hey we have overlap here...any way..from dec 16 till befor the exam by 15 days i was doing UW+FA+KLN...then in the last 15 days i was doing rx all the day


hey brother congrats for ur good mark i am sure u deserve that! by the way i am 5 grade medical student in turkey and just started preparing usmle.i am thinking now to watch the vedios of kaplan pass program and first aid with DIT and finally go for questions,do u think it will be enough or i have to read kaplan from its book or any other source .
thanks from now onsmiling face

On May 22, 2011 - 4:04 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hey brother ..all the best for Turkey and Turkish people ...we all are greeting u here from Egypt .

actually i just did Kaplan videos it was kind of review for the materials iread in KLN ....but as a general rule they do not explain every thing in the videos ..and go only for the most important things advice is just at least have a rapid read of KLN and Goljan then go for what ever videos u want .

oh ,by the way i did renal from PASS videos it was good

but if u did my recommended plan ia m sure u will asce it ISA

all the best to u and ur people ...and if u need any thing i will be more than happy to assisst u

if u want to talk to me just PM me ur skype ID and we will talk ISA



thanks alot for ur nice reply say the truth i really a have alot of question to ask u since i dont have enough info about skype is s_samim_samim1 but i rarely use it.i usually use facebook if u have facebook can u please add me as friend my full name is sayed samim samim smiling face
And alot of greeting to egyptian people from myside toosmiling face


your friend is really frustrated. I went to my school today to verify if the verification letter that ECFMG sent on May 12th has arrived and i was told that there is no letter there from ECFMG. I am really tired and frustrated of all these trash. I dont know what to do again. it is now 9 weeks that i took my exam and see the nonsense that ECMFG is doing. what is all these?

On May 26, 2011 - 1:35 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Calm down my dear friend i totally understand what u are going through nowdays as i went through it befor ....u will ace it not wory.

the problem is that ECFMG send the request via regular mail not the express mail service so thats why it tkae such a long time is 14+ days so be patient ...and ask in the coming days at ur school every day

an important point to take care of it is ...ur name may be with other names in the same request ...mine it was me and 4 other students and graduates make sure of that ..u yourself look at the names in the each letter from ECFMG.

then have to send it via express mail or net courier in my country it tkaes 3 days to be in the states then after making sure that it is delivered to ECFMG ...wait till 5 buiseness days are passed scince letter delivery to ECFMG and then call them in the 6th day and ask them to update ur information in the system

god with u my friend i know it is too difficult to wait all these days but believe me when u find out that u aced it ...every thing will go away and u will forget all of this



Mabrook, Ur story is very inspiring bro , I wanna ask u about reading KLN do u mean just quick reading or memorizing and studying it carefully because if this is the case it will take toooooo much time my friend ? and May I ask which edition of KLN u read from ?


On May 26, 2011 - 2:53 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Mabrook to u too....thank u for ur nice words ..

for KLN try to read them and make sure that u get the concepts only ...u need to memorize no thing ...just get the concepts and the qs will make u consolidate ur inf ...there is no thing such memorization in the exam nowdays is more conceptual ..believe me ...i was having the same concern as u now but my friends advised me to care about the concepts more ...and after taking the exam i can assure u too ...go for the concepts and try to integrate the materials as much as u can per day to go thriugh the notes as fast as possible u can do the qs which is the most imp part in ur prep

all the best



many many congratulations for such a wonderful score.. Wish u all the best for step 2 & for people of egypt..

did u study mostly subject wise or system wise & q banks did u do them according to sytems/subjects u were studying or just randomly

On May 26, 2011 - 3:02 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
Hey ...thank u so much for ur nice words ...and all Egyptians here greeting u smiling face

most of the materials i did them system wise except Bio,Micro ,BS..the rest i did system wise.

i did UW first was system wise ,tutor mode ..100% complete

then did Rx was mixed ,timed, unused ...that was 15 days befor the exam ...75% complete(i think).


Congratulations and best of luck for ur future steps

On May 27, 2011 - 5:09 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much too all the best



I like how you spelled choklate :-)

good luck for CK!

On May 30, 2011 - 9:47 PM, bedwandoctor responded:
thank u so much ...good luck to u too ...wish u all the best

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