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 details in questions  

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hi guys just wondering abt the detail that we have to go in questioning out patients.

is it sufficinent for example to ask say for example to someone with chest pain 'does anything make the pain better/worse?' and if the patient says NO then move on to another question or should we go deeper and ask 'does breathing make it worse/does eating make it worse/ does walking make it worse/does resting make it better?'

i mean if they said NO then, is this not just repitition just in a different way? i am using this question as an example but i was just wonderin abt all the types of questions to which this can apply.

another example is does the pain radiate? NO
does the pain go to ur jaw or left arm.....i feel this is just repition and may be frowned upon what are ur thoughts



and like if u asked do u have any major illnesses and they say no then do u still as do u have DM, HTN or High cholesterol etc. wont that just waste time and make the pt annoyed since they said no? I HATE THIS EXAM Lol


lol also forgot to freaking explain to pts what i found after each exam especially cos there was never anything there.

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