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 CS visa before steps! advice ne  

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Hi, Am preparing for step-1 but as you all of u know that from july 17th 2011 we need to type patient notes compulsory. I am not turtle but average. I fear that in that 10min time can we finish up typing in that anxious environment. I like writing paper patient notes so thinking whether go or not to cs...but visa is issue.We can convince visa officer bcz as per guideliness we can give steps in any order. with some forum experiences i see differentversions. somegot 10yr ME visa with out steps and some got with step-1 only and some got rejected due to only step-1 but not ck score. I think all depends on our convincing answers.

I think i can convince VO by telling that i can give step-1 in india after CS. anyone got this experience and how VO responded..plz share and give advices. Particularily hyderabad consulate,india.

OR shall i take step-1 and go for CS with typing practice later?
All step-1 result after may 17th will come up only on july 13th as per usmle news.So even though i give step-1 after my 17th as per my plan i cannot go to VO with step-1 score bcz i will get them on july 13th and again july 16th is last date for paper patient notes....what a situation here..haha

While just checking for CS visa dates i see that they ask "Purpose of visit" In options i choosed Tourism/Family vist/ all other and Type of visa..its however B1/B2...iam sure about type of visa BUT AM NOT sure about purpsoe of visa...In options listed in that i feel".Tourism/Family vist/ all other" is BEST i correct

plz advice




just pick B1/B2, as for the purpose, state to take the CS exam. VO's usually give b1/B2 combined anyway whether for B1 (business) purposes only, as they know tb1 applicants also go to the US for pleasure after the business to take care of. However most VO's now issue 1 year multiple as they have become strict. i got 2 Multiple 10- year entries in the past, but when i renewed my visa this year, they gave me just 1 year multiple despite that fact. They only give you enough to fulfill your purpose, i think this is important to note of for your scheduling. And lastly, most first time applicants need a step 1 score or a ck score. a VO told a friend of mine "how can i be sure that you can do CS if you can't show me your step 1 score" i know this is unfair as the mle steps can be taken in any order without prerequisites. i guess they just need 1 score before issuing a visa for CS.

i know a couple who got denied when they defended on tourism purposes. a few are just really lucky to get a 10 year multiple nowadays.


Thank u

anyone with similar experince

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