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 frustrated with the 327-form  

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Frustrated with the 327-form
It has been more than 1and a half year to apply my certificate verification, but still not been approved. The 327-form has been back and forth for 3 times and they kept ask one piece of extra thing each time. This time , they ask for the transcript in original language(although they already have the English copy). Does any one has any clue what that mean?

I had graduated more than 20 years and do not have much time to play the game. I am seriously thinking to give it up.
Any suggestion, please! thanks in advance


yes i have a friend who his school were smart enough to issue an original certificate in English, stamped and everything, and he was so happy it is over,,, the USMLE people rejected it,, they wanted it in the original language then translated,,, i`m sure they have their own very smart reasons,, don`t be frustrated,,, just follow their orders because nothing else you can do..


Thank you for your reply, residen2012. Do you know How long did your friend get certified?
I am just thinking there are a lot of unknown things and uncertanities ahead in the way to the match. It is worthless to sepnd my time in these uncertanities. I would rather to do something else instead because I
am not young anymore.

thanks again


hey, i don't know anything about 327 or not even in a position to state anything...but dear friend don't loose hope. I am so sorry to hear all the obstacles you have been facing...but every night is followed by a day...i hope this pain will soon be over for you. best wishes.


if you ask about the school graduation certificate ,,, it took about a month for his school to issue,, but this is diffrent from school to school..
if you ask about being USMLE certified,, it is diffrent too,,, from person to person,,, but if you are an old graduate and working some other jop to survive it might take 2 years max....of course may be less if you put more efforet in it,, Good luck buddy, never say never

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