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 Failed :( My Score Report... Help  

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Hello Forum

Need Help passing through this trance., I Wasn't expecting this results. Passed Step1 85 and Step 2CK 99 and Failed on ICE on Step2CS?! I cannot believe it!

I do not recall doing a bad data gathering, which is mind boggling. I did ask pertinent question for DD an D., did a directed PE and general PE (CV, Pulmonary and Abd)

Can a Score Recheck change this outcome?
Already paid for retaking this test ASAP in another center (took it on the 20th in LA as the report writes).

can anyone please share some insight and experience on the subject.

now rereading the FA and bough the Kaplan's CS book.


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Hi ibur, sorry for not posting before. I was too depressed. We have to retake this test, is doable, and in the long term will have advantages. We just have to work hard. What was the earliest appointment you could get? I haven't scheduled mine.

We'll support each other. It's a matter of hard work. We just have to change professions. We've got to become actors!


Hi Xenopus

Just finished paying the test and waiting for the USMLE approval notification to schedule it. Don't now where or when yet... Im still in shock! I don't know how this fail is going to impact on the future residency applications, as even in family practice they suggest not taking this test more than once!

Don't know what went wrong in my test?! I thought did Fine and then... Failed? this is very disturbing as I have no idea why?

Im beginning to think that this test is al b.......t and that they run it like a business
this is the most expensive test! and yet you still have to travel... and think it's not standardize and very subjective.

I'm so depressed... I don't know yet how I'm going to tackle this Step.


Hi ibur,
I knew from the beginning that I didn't do it right. Please take a looko at my other thread about 'cognitive dissonance' because that's how I felt. I didn't feel myself, I was acting out behaviors that were not mine and most likely this reflected back to the SPs. But we'll do it. I just haven't got into the mood of scheduling since I'm also in shock (when you know is real it hurts more). I got very similar grading as yours except that in my CIS was all in the pit. So I guess I'm worse than your grades. Please, drop me a short line in the cognitive dissonance thread. This is doable, I'm optimistic, just needs a lot of rehearsal because anyway we're going to need it.


guys i suggest you get some notes like neraj's notes..or Gold's that what i used and they cover the CIS component very for data gathering(h and P) from what ive concluded is that you have to do a very focused exam and history no matter how much the SP tries to drift you off into different thing...keeping the main complaint in mind is very crucial...and this makes sense with the amount of time we have if you are focused and politely get back on track that covers CIS and ICE very well for each case...
we all need to support each other and get this test over with asap because its enough the amount of time spent waiting for the results!
Ibur i dont recommend going to a different center,they are all standardized and thats the whole point of it being video taped...i have other friends that have failed the cs and went to different centers but they ended up failing again and passing the 3rd time in LA!
i thought about it too,but you will be more familiar with the test center you took your test in and that will cut down your anxiety i believe(i also used this concept with my ck and took the $ 50 practice test,just so that i can be familiar with all the "other things" to deal with on test day besides the test,and it really did help me control my anxiety and keep my cool(which is much needed especially in this test!) and who might get some of the same SPs you had in your previous test or same cases,and now youll know how to deal with them better
i still havent got the courage to tell my family yet but i plan to within the next couple of days and repay and reapply in the LA center in a few weeks...
timing of the test is also very important since the SPs will be comparing your performance to other AMG performance,and march-june period is AMG free ive heard so we have better chances of passing
stay strong,we all need to support each other through these tough times!


ibur... hope these posts helps you

they are too good...


Thanks Adamshaban1

I know the about the center., but I live in Miami and took it in LA because it had the sooner schedule at the time. But now theres plenty of free space in centers near Mia, like Atlanta or Huston. I've already payed the test and don't want to spent more on airfare, that's the main reason for changing the place.

Can you please tell me where can I find or get this notes., tried google but there not in the servers. Thanks again


oh ok in that case stay closer to your side of the world!
i live in california so the LA center is my only option and i really dont want to spend on airfare either thats why im sticking to LA for now!
give me your email ibur and ill email them to you,if you want to discuss cases or practice you can skype me also...adooooma2k

On Mar 06, 2011 - 6:56 AM, ibur responded:
Thanks again adamshaban1

[email protected]

Ill keep in mind skype., when are you planning to take the test? I'll probably take it in April


hey adamshaban1 plz can u maile the adress of the notes too as i need them as well....or tell where they r available so that i can access them.
thanks ,


hey guys i need the neeraj notes as well flunked my CS as well been depressed !! i thought this exam waas supposed to be easy to pass

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