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 I failed CS  

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Guys, i need your help. I m an IMG and I failed CS in Spoken English Proficiency and had a borderline performance in other subcomponent. What do you suggest to improve my English???
Thanks in adavance.


very sorry to hear that. well first of all u must practice speaking english. if u don't have anyone, at least talk to yourself. for how long did u practice for CS?


Thanks for advice. for 1 month without SP. one Q, if i talk to myself, how would i know if i m doing well. That s how i proceed the last time and i failed miserably.


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Get Skype partner(s)
Take your time


Ok,james2010.Thanks. How many months should i take to tackle this test??


Spoken English Proficiency, probably 3 months max 10 cases a day. Make sure you know your stuff first, you know all cases cold, and all you need from them is criticizing your English as well as being supportive.

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Sorry to hear abt that.
In addition, u could try recording ur practise sessions and play back to yourself or any other person to evaluate spoken english.
Hope this helps.


this exam is all abt practice ...................this exam is actually an interview between 2 people in a timed constraints neerajs notes for cs and first aid new edition and practice patient notes as much as u can ok..............6 times each case in first aid new edition n then hv faith n take exam thats it......................

live partner is what makes difference in the end ok --------------best of luck u can be defeated u can failed u can be demoralized but u cant be stopped keep this in ur mind everytime u open book and read anything

method of each encounter or script is well written in neerajs notes u can find it on dokidoks wordpress blog also i hv seen dokidoks notes of cs as well hav a look on that too

also a big part of exam is how u approach this exam r u in any sort of stress of fear on seeing sps for the first time in ur life--------this also matters a lot too so hv faith confidence and reading material i hav described could do wonders for u-----n in the end this is the best u can do RIGHT
30 days practice after reading neeraj and first aid is all u need

u can also take dr pumas classes of cs on skype as well they r good and cheap as well

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If you need to improve your english, look at course for accent reduction, or language therapist, they help to improve your pronunciation. If you look on the internet there are several courses, some of them are focus on the cs exam.
If you don't have grammar... start taking a english course but a heavy conversational component.
As others said before: practice is the only way.


i took my exam january 8th and got my results today as well....and i didnt pass!! sad
so sad because my study partner who was living with me for 3 months passed!!
i was basically tutoring him because iw as oriented with the exam and the components but i guess i started taking things lightly in the end sad
i failed in the ICE component under DATA GATHERING which by reading some posts online is the history and physical exam...everything else i did above borderline except for the ice component
i did first aid like 3 times and did neraj's notes and some other notes i found online...but the SPs in LA were just plain bored...i felt that i had to extract the information from every SP and that they wernt as helpful giving you the information as i read in some other posts in other centers,however everyone i know passed in LA so far so im really down....i dont know what im going to do and i have no energy at all to think of whats my next step..
im an american FMG


For all FMGs.. its better to just study on skype. The 2.5 min that you use to do the physical exam is not worth failing the exam.

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