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 Metabolic Acidosis  

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In Rickets , ABGs may show Metabolic Acidosis .

Whats the cause/pathophysiology of Metabolic Acidosis in Rickets ?


From the following links you'll see that mutation of the Sodium/Phosphate Cotransporter 3 (Na-P Co-transporter; SLC34A1) causes proximal tubular losses of bicarbonate (and thus the acidosis) but also loss of phosphate (thus the rickets) within the context of Fanconi's Syndrome. But rickets of other causes like hypovitaminosis D, severe oral calcium depletion, intestinal malabsorption, etc no acidosis should be observed nor aminoaciduria. You won't even see it in any of the inherited rickets like Vitamin D resistant rickets I or II. More information below.

Good question (made me looked for it, GL).


Nicely explained . Its type 1 RTA.


No it is type 2. TYPE 1 has to do with distal tubule reabsorption of sodium

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