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 CS In a WEEK! insight pls  

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Hello Every ONE and GL beforehand

Im a IMG in Orthopedics '04, just took Step2CK in Dic 2010 and PASSED! as well The Step1 that took twice, Passed the second time!
Im Taking The CS Next Wednesday in LA and wanted to hear some experiences in that center... and how tough is the test? read that mostly is to see proficiency on the language, that I Manage ok.
Im Studying by FA CS and UW videos (still have to watch) and not finished reading the first aid, hopefully ill finish by Wednesday and read the cases again.

Thanks for ant input and GL


No One reads these threads? or just don't post...

I would appreciate any insight on the exam. I suppose the Test is not a DD exam, or medicine knowledge as those item where tested in step1 and 2CK. Before 1997 there wasn't any practical tests., just the Steps, then in 1998 the USMLE came with the CSA actual Step2 CK... They used to test your english proficiency back then.

I just want to Know if just doing the protocol:

Knocking, introducing yourself, using patient's name, making eye contact, shaking hands. PAM HUGS FOSS, washing Hands before PE and draping the patient is enough to Pass?

Thanks again... some one and GL


If you're taking it in LA please read my posts. I give a lot of personal insight...might not apply to you but that's my take on it. Best of luck.


Hello Some One, and thanks Xenopus

I it's Exactly a week for the test! Wondering if it is necessary to know all points of all the patients on the FA! or is it more important a good protocol and a complete medical history? Has any one taken the CS on LA recently?

Any contribution is appreciated!


Hello Forum aka Just Me?

Yesterday read some cases of the FA and half the videos of UW... Today I'll finish the videos and keep on reading FA cases.

Any one on the same boat? or got to shore? please comment on your experience, GL


If it is less than a week for your exam, go and get a live/ online study partner and practice all the cases atleast twice in timed mode.

Good luck.


Hope this post and some other posts on same blog about CS will help you


good luck..


Got The Score Today... FAIL! yes I don't believe it.
Passed the CIS and SEP and FAIL ICE!?

Im so Depressed...

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